E-Commerce Branding: Importance of Video Content

E-Commerce Branding - Importance of Video Content Multiorders

While e-commerce business is rapidly growing, competition among all online sellers is fierce. That’s why e-commerce branding is a major part of a successful online business. Because of this, each online seller has to use some kind of marketing strategy to attract more customers. One of the most underutilized e-commerce marketing strategies is using video content. Despite the fact, that it helps create a trust between you and your customer. Also, stand out from the crowd, many sellers are afraid to use it. For this reason, we gathered some tips about the importance of video content and listed all formats of video content.


7 Benefits of video content:


1. Stand out from competitors

First of all, creating video content could become your main competitive advantage, which helps you stand out from the crowd. Because this marketing tool takes more time to accomplish, many other brands won’t invest their time. That is where you can get your advantage and create original content. Also, a video is almost impossible to copy, which means that your competitors won’t have the same information.


2. Trust

One of the biggest advantages of video is that it creates a trust with your customer. As you already know, in e-commerce business you do not have a chance to meet your client, but video content allows you to show yourself! Moreover, creating that kind of connection with the customer shows a trustful image of your online store. Customers would always rely on the company, which shows their employees and caring services.


3. Increase website traffic

Another interesting fact is that Google loves video content. In other words, it is good for your SEO rankings. Also, it is important to upload videos constantly and consistently. Stay with the weekly or daily uploading track. It is a perfect way to increase your search engine rankings because websites with video content rank higher in SERPs.


4. Education

One of the most useful advantages is the educational side. Through video, you can easily show all the benefits of your product. Also, it is the best way to show how to practically use your item or service. For example, Multiorders is an orders management software, so creating video content helps show step by step how it works. Click here for the Multiorders video example.


5. Brand storytelling

Each shopper wants to know if they can trust their seller. The best way to show your convenience is by telling your story. Furthermore, show your caring employees, tell why you started your business. All these tools help establish your brand and attract more customers. Also, that video content can become an official testimonial for your brand.


6. Reach

Always keep in mind that video content is a clickable and shareable tool. That means, that your users will share, watch and comment on each video. Additionally, it will reach social media channels and advertise your brand. In other words, video content helps achieve a bigger reach and attract more new customers.


7. Show reviews

In the e-commerce field, shoppers cannot touch or try the item before they buy it. The only thing which they can really rely on is reviews and feedbacks. Imagine, how trustful you will look like if you have video content of customers’ reviews. The way to do that is by interviewing them, asking them to record themselves or through Skype, Facebook Live interview. That kind of content will convince shoppers and maintain your reputation.


Formats of video content:

  • Live video
  • Promotional video
  • Storytelling video
  • Customer reviews
  • Unboxing video
  • Brand story video
  • Educational video


Importance of video content Multiorders


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