WooCommerce And Ebay


Each marketplace has its own tricks and flaws. If you are dealing with two different e-shops, like WooCommerce and Ebay – trouble might get double. If you google it, most likely all tips will include third party help. Let’s talk about why and what you can do for your business. We will find the most efficient way how to manage Woocommerce and eBay.

WooCommerce inventory

First of all, WooCommerce inventory should be crystal clear for you. As you might already know, creating your product list in this marketplace is quite time-consuming.

One option is to upload items manually, adding them one by one. That is where you lose your time. There are many specifications for each product, and you have to add them carefully. Your product’s position and how it’s categorised, depends on this.

Usually, the solution for this is third party help – additional plugins or management software. With their help, you can import and export your inventory quickly, in bulk. But at the same time, it might be a hard decision to find the most efficient software.

WooCommerce shipping

The WooCommerce marketplace neither provides any shipping solution nor owns their shipping company. In their website, you can only choose one of many shipping possibilities, but not all of them come free.

Moreover, you need to check up on their terms & policies, to make the right decision. On the other hand, there is a software which includes all of the most popular shipping companies without any additional cost.

  • eBay inventory & shipping

Most likely any e-shop inventory requires extra attention. Your sales success depends on how you create an inventory on eBay. That is why you need to do it with accuracy and patience or with additional help.

As same as WooCommerce, eBay does not have their own shipping company. For this reason, you have to create a contract and track a shipment or find a software which will do it for you.

  • WooCommerce and eBay management software

Sellers should choose the handiest and the most efficient solution to manage their own e-business.

It is a fact, that a system which includes shipping, inventory management and connects different marketplaces would change your daily tasks. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping companies and selling-channels. Nowadays, this platform is an irreplaceable e-commerce tool.

Tips how to manage WooCommerce and eBay

As mentioned before, the fastest way to control and manage e-shops is by using some sort of third party help – a management software. Multiorders fulfils user’s orders and takes over all other time-draining tasks.

Inventory management

We took a quick glance at both WooCommerse and eBay terms of creating a product list. Imagine this – dealing not with one e-shop, but with two, or even more if you have multiple accounts.

Multiorders allows you to upload and control all your inventory at once. Upload all your products in bulk and see everything in one dashboard. In other words, as soon as you connect different selling platforms, you can see ALL your inventory, and update it on one website.

This way, Multiorders saves you from “copy-paste” tasks. Additionally, there is no need to make the same changes on different websites. Simply change price, stock-list or product details using only one platform.


Shipping is an essential part of retailing which most of the time determines your sale. For this reason, wholesalers should examine all available shipping possibilities.

Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping companies to prevent you from time-draining research. Moreover, there you won’t have to apply any additional information or your customer details. If you have already connected your marketplaces, it automatically generates everything.

For example, as soon as you receive an order, simply choose a shipper and Multiorders will cover everything for you. This software already has contracts with each one of them, so they are ready to work with your orders. Furthermore, all shipping companies will cover refunds or replacements, if there will be any damages during shipping. In this way, we prevent you from accidents and possible loss.


Equally important to mention is that when you make a choice on shipping carrier, your order will be fulfilled by Multiorders. No worries about tracking number, informing your customer, or updates in marketplaces.

In other words, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs the customer. Because of integrations, the system is instantly informed when the tracking number is available. That way, the seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.

Tools to see your profit

Multiorders also includes free tools which show your achievements. Managing two different marketplaces – WooCommerce and eBay, you should know your sales profile. It is a handy way to gain an edge on your competitors.

For example, when you know which selling channel or account gains you more profit, you might work more with another one. Or even, try different marketing strategies and see how it affects your business.

In one dashboard you see:

  • top products
  • sold units
  • top customers
  • inventory stock
  • top cities and countries
  • total orders
  • returning customers
  • purchases by the hour

These statistics help see your profits and losses, as well as measure income.

Having all your orders in one website will build a scalable business for you. With everything in order, you won’t gain any lost opportunity cost. Conversely, you will use it as a tool to track your success.

How to sync Woocomerce and eBay?

WooCommerce and eBay are widely popular marketplaces, that is why you might think about selling on both of them. Let’s see how to synchronize them.

  1. Log in to MultiordersLogin Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Connect different selling channelsUnlimited ecommerce integrations
  3. That’s it!

Multiorders users do not waste their time by adding unnecessary information again and again. Already integrated companies allow you to simply log into them and use all the benefits you can get.

Two different selling channels have to be controlled with simplicity and clarity. One way to do this is with software help. Multiorders created a platform where you can fulfil orders with just a few clicks. Place it, stock it, ship it. All integrations allow you to choose where to sell, and who will ship it. Moreover, having the whole multi-channel information on one dashboard gives you full control of your e-business.

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