How to Manage eBay Inventory?


How to manage eBay inventory

Having your own business means controlling it. But if you don’t know how to handle it properly – it will start controlling you. Same way with e-commerce and its management. The wholesaler has to be in charge of his goods to succeed in business. For this reason, we will explain how to manage eBay inventory.

About eBay

Why should you choose eBay as your main marketplace? The answer is simple – because of its name and quality. First of all, through the years Ebay earned a leading position among its competitors. It consistently ranks as one of the largest U.S. online companies, for more information click here. Also, as much as 171 million buyers use this platform, and 25 million from them are sellers. More statistics . With this in mind, eBay is a perfect place to do your business.

eBay history

eBay had a lot of time to reach the results it shows nowadays. The company was launched in 1995, by Pierre Omidyar. More information. It includes a large variety of items: from new to used; primitive to complex; expensive to cheap, etc. In addition to this, eBay attracts many different retailers, who specialise in many diverse fields.

How to use eBay

Every selling-channel has its own tricks, as well as similarities. eBay’s options are quite ordinary: you have to register, upload your products and sell them afterwards. Basically, you should not face any difficulties, except – how to manage your eBay inventory.

eBay Inventory

First of all, let’s see how you should start adding your product list. The great thing is that eBay allows you to add all products in bulk. This option slightly simplifies management. On the other hand, when you download a template sheet you have to fill it really carefully. If you make any mistake, eBay won’t add your inventory.

As soon as your items are added, next step is inventory management. Surely, sooner or later you will be filled with orders and have to make some changes in your stock-list. For example, update product numbers, or do some price changes. With eBay, you have to do it separately to each item. While, you are busy with these tasks, you won’t be able to do other tasks, like answering customer questions.  That is why you must find a way to go faster.

How to manage eBay inventory

As mentioned before, while using eBay’s solutions you will have to face the same time-draining tasks over and over again. But what if there is a software that will do it for you? Multiorders has an eBay integration, which allows you to control all of your inventory within a few clicks.

Manage all inventory – change price, update stock-list or even modify product details. More details. Multiorders saves you from constantly switching from one product to another.

Ebay does not provide any shipping solutions, which means you have to find one yourself. Find a carrier and then pass your order information. Or keep it smart and use a management software, which will fulfil orders for you.


Multiorders has integrations with nearly all shipping companies. As soon as you get your order, the next step is to choose your carrier. No worries about contracts, contact details, or terms. Simply choose one. The software has already integrated all shipping companies, so as our user you are allowed to work with them.

manage Ebay inventory

Benefits for your eBay account

  • Tracking number – Despite, the list of shipping companies, this software covers even more tasks for you. When the order is placed, carriers eventually provide us with tracking information. In addition, Multiorders automatically adds it to your eBay account and notifies your client.
  • No time-draining tasks -For a wholesaler, this function saves time and helps gain more profit. You don’t need to check notifications from a shipping carrier, Multiorders covers it.
  • All data in one place – Tracking all your inventory in one place helps follow losses and profits. No additional books or sheets are needed. Which is also really handy with taxes. You can clearly see your stock and sold items. In this way, you will speed up your business.

Moreover, making updates in bulk and integration with shippers decreases your working hours to the minimum. Basically, one click in Multiorders, saves you about 30 seconds of work between different websites.

Multiple eBay accounts

In addition to simple Ebay inventory management, Multiorders offers you one more option. Now managing your multiple eBay accounts, is as simple as dealing with one. Our software allows you to work with more than one account, by simply connecting them all together.

Furthermore, management and shipping conditions stay the same. In one website you get full control of all your data, customer information, orders and products.

For example, if you need to change your product details for different accounts, you can update them with a few clicks. You won’t need to jump from one account to another, just make all the changes in one place.

manage Ebay inventory

Multi-channel management

Another key point is for those who work with different selling channels. To prevent yourself from stressing out with each website, do it in an easier way. Multiorders allows you to connect different accounts from nearly all marketplaces.

Imagine this, updating stock-list for ALL channels without going through different platforms.

Not to mention, the same conditions apply for price changes or product description. Multiorders gives you full control of your inventory, despite your marketplace.

Why manage eBay inventory with Multiorders


  • The cost-efficient way  -Generally speaking, if you try to manage all of your inventory, shipping, or even different accounts it will drain your time. Then, you have to find a big management team, or most likely your clients won’t be happy with the customer service. The cost-efficient way to solve this –  a software which will do it for you.
  • Multiple integrations  – Multiorders created a system with the most effective integrations. We selected all popular companies to fulfil your orders. In that way, you can control products from all possible channels.
  • Tracking number  –  Shipping companies will suit your requirements and customers needs. Such as passing tracking number to your client.

Moreover, you can track your eBay sales, as well as a personal website sale. Even, see which account is most profitable. With this in mind, you could adapt your marketing strategy for certain selling-channels.

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