eBay and Etsy Inventory Management

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Online sellers have to always think about the ways how to attract more customers. Selling through multiple sales channels, obviously, is a great solution. Despite that, you need to figure out what marketplaces you should choose. Imagine this – selling on two very popular but fundamentally different sales channels. eBay is one of the oldest, multibillion-dollar e-businesses, and on the other hand, Etsy stands out with its unique and creative content. Selling online in these two marketplaces will definitely accelerate the amount of customer interest you get. For this reason, we will explain, how to run your eBay and Etsy inventory management in the most efficient way.



eBay marketplace

eBay and Etsy

As mentioned before, eBay is one of the oldest marketplaces, which was launched in 1995. Through all these years they managed to gain customers trust and now they have more than 250 million classified users. For this exact reason, many online sellers (more than 25 million) decided to run their business with them. Despite that great amount of shoppers, eBay has two other competitive advantages:

  • You can sell new and pre-owned goods
  • eBay also has an auction place



Etsy marketplace


eBay and Etsy

Etsy is the most popular marketplace for unique products. Their main focus is on the handmade and creative goods, vintage and novelty. All kind of categories: from clothing to art pieces. For their exclusive content, they have a very singular audience, which includes more than 31.7 million active shoppers. Besides their exceptionality, they also have two main competitive advantages:

  • You can resell clothing and antiques
  • Etsy Labs – educational crafting workshops



Selling with both: eBay and Etsy


Despite that most of the online sellers describe eBay as a marketplace giant and Etsy as a unique content owner, both of them have one big similarity. eBay and Etsy allow you to sell pre-owned items. In this manner, selling with both of them allows you to control practically the same inventory. So, same inventory on different sales channels will double your customer numbers.


Moreover, if you are planning to sell different products on each marketplace, eBay and Etsy are still your best options. A big variety of customers forecasts you a great number of orders. Also, selling on multiple sales channels is the best thing for your marketing strategy. Making different actions in each marketplace, allows you to see what strategy is right for you.




eBay and Etsy inventory management


Despite of why you decided to do business with these two marketplaces, the outcome is always the same. You will be overflowing with orders, once you get involved with them both! That is why you need to figure out how you will manage your inventory. Receiving multiple orders force you to constantly make changes in stock levels, pricing, or adding new products. Soon, all these changes and “copy-paste” tasks both on eBay and Etsy will drain your time. That is why you need to find an effective way to manage it!




SOLVED! eBay and Etsy inventory management


The most cost-efficient way for your eBay and Etsy inventory management is to use the third-party help. A management software Multiorders has integrations with both eBay and Etsy, which allows you to control them from a single dashboard. Even more, Multiorders has connected all shipping companies, so all fulfilment is in a single order system:


  • Inventory management
  • Shipping carriers
  • Automated shipping
  • Multiple sales channels


  • Inventory management. Multiorders offers you an adjustable inventory management system for your eBay and Etsy accounts. All changes, which you make in www.multiorders.com will instantly appear on each e-shop. Besides, how many eBay accounts you own, simply connect them all into a single dashboard. A time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.

eBay and Etsy


  • Shipping carriers. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers, which allows you to fulfil the order with a few clicks. Connect your eBay and Etsy accounts, and then as soon as an order is received, simply click on a chosen shipping company’s logo. In that way, you even can ship each order with a different shipping carrier!


eBay and Etsy


  • Automated shipping. The Multiorders system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, you won’t need to check and update any shipping information. Also, the single dashboard allows printing labels in bulk for all your orders.

eBay and Etsy


  • Multiple sales channels. No to mention that Multiorders also has integrations with all other sales channels. Connect more marketplaces to your eBay and Etsy accounts! In this manner, you can fulfil your orders in a single order system. A time-efficient way to all inventory, shipments and orders.eBay and Etsy