How To Become An Etsy Featured Seller

How To Become An Etsy Featured Seller Multiorders

Becoming an Etsy featured seller is something every store owner on Etsy works towards. A featured seller’s listings are displayed in the front pages of search results. Etsy rewards its sellers for making sales by helping them sell more. There are some steps you can take, as well as criteria you have to meet, to make sure you’re on your way to becoming a featured seller on Etsy.

How To Become An Etsy Featured Seller Multiorders

How to become an Etsy featured seller


Become a brand

To begin with, focus on building yourself a brand. When you are a brand, you build trust in your customer. The more trust you build among customers, the more visitors are going to become customers, which helps you sell more. Create a brand name and logo, make sure to use it on your website, in product tags, newsletters etc.


Quality product images

Providing attractive and high quality images for your listings is very important to attract customers. You can add up to five pictures for every listing, so make sure to add five photos of the product. Make sure the photos have good lighting and try to capture the product from different angles.


Tags, titles and description

When people try to search for a product online, not everyone uses the same search words. Therefore, adding different tags can increase your chances of coming up in search results. Make sure to add a title that is as accurate as possible. If you provide more information in your title, it is that much easier for a buyer to find the product. Also, add descriptions that are detailed and interesting. In general, these go a long way in increasing your sales.


Unique products

If you offer unique products, you automatically reduce your competition drastically. When you occupy the majority of any market, you are going to generate huge profits. Also, when you’re selling unique products, you are going to come up in the first pages of search results. Also revamp your listings periodically. Change listings based on seasons, festivals, etc. Seasonal products sell better than the ones available throughout the year.


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