Cyber Weekend 2018 Brought Larger Sales Growth Than Expected

Cyber Weekend 2018 Brought Larger Sales Growth Than Expected Multiorders

Winter holidays bring a variety of different things. Obviously there’s holiday joy, family celebrations, parties and of course presents. One of the biggest presents for all online sellers is Cyber Weekend. There are a few days in a year, that draw the most shoppers from all around the world, and with them – a significant sales growth. It happens about a month before Christmas and New Years Eve, so all buyers are determined to get their holiday shopping done.


Cyber Weekend includes the biggest shopping days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each year, both of them bring more and more business growth. However, each of us is a little bit curious when it comes to others’ profit. It could help us understand if e-commerce is a beneficial business and if the revenue is still growing during this international shopping spree. To satisfy your curiosity (and ours, to be honest), we took a closer look at Cyber weekend 2018 sales statistics.



What about profit?

Usually, November is the best month for all sellers. All the most anticipated holidays are just around the corner, so all shoppers are looking for the best deals. Everyone needs to buy some gifts for others and themselves as well. That is why each year November’s revenue is growing enormously. From November 1st till 26th reported revenues were:


  • Last year (2017)  – $50.1 billion
  • Predicted for 2018 – $57.2 billion
  • Actual 2018 – $58.52 billion


Cyber Monday


Let’s begin from the most important question – how much did the shoppers spend on each of the biggest shopping days? To create the whole image, let’s start from the predictions. According to specialists, through Cyber Monday alone, consumers were estimated to spend $7.79 billion dollars. Which is $1.2 billion more than the previous year (Cyber Monday 2017). However, the actual number, while being only slightly larger than their predictions, is still staggering. The total amount was $7.9 billion dollars! Can you just imagine how many products you could buy with that amount of money? These numbers made Cyber Monday the largest shopping day in US history.

  • Last year (2017) – $6.59 billion
  • Predicted for 2018 – $7.79 billion
  • Actual 2018 – $7.9 billion


Black Friday


Nowadays, Black Fridays extend past physical shops and you can usually find similar deals online. As a consequence, when we’re talking about how much shoppers spent, facts say that Cyber Monday outperforms Black Friday by quite a significant margin. However, Black Friday is still a momentous occasion in the retail world. Last year shoppers spent $5.03 billion on Black Friday. As a result, specialists predicted a higher number this year – $5.9 billion. In the end, the results were shocking. The real number is $0.3 billion higher, so it means that this year sellers earned a total of $6.2 billion dollars during Black Friday. These numbers are proof that due to the growing popularity of online business, combining both brings a massive boost to sales growth

  • Last year (2017) – $5.03 billion
  • Predicted for 2018 – $5.9 billion
  • Actual 2018 – $6.2 billion



What were the Top products?

Obviously, each year has its own trends and tendencies, so days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best way to reinforce them. Keep in mind that Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. This greatly increases the interest in products that are suitable gifts for children. As a consequence, toys and consumer electronics usually get the top spots in most “Best selling” and “Top products” lists.


Cyber Monday


Top products:

  1. Fingerlings
  2. L.O.L Surprise
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. Laptops (Dell & Apple)
  5. LG TVs


Black Friday


Top products:

  1. Laptops
  2. L.O.L Surprise
  3. Fingerlings
  4. Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee
  5. God of War



Sales growth

Accurate sales growth numbers help us in forecasting forthcoming year’s performance. Basically, you can easily predict upcoming sales and better prepare for them. However, once again reality conquered the expectations. Moreover, this year revenue growth trumped the numbers from last year.


Cyber Monday


As mentioned before, this year beat all previous records. Compared to last year, revenue growth year-over-year was 16.8% on Cyber Monday. As a consequence, this year specialists predicted an 18% increase from 2017. This Monday achieved quite a bigger number – 19.3%, which means that the whole e-commerce is growing even more rapidly than expected, and next year should bring even more profit for sellers!

  • Last year (2017) – 16.8%
  • Predicted for 2018 – 18%
  • Actual 2018 – 19.3%


Black Friday


Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday, brought some higher expectations this year, as revenue growth year-over-year was 23.6% from 2017. Basically, this sales growth is bigger than on Cyber Monday, which means that shopping online during Black Friday becomes more popular. However, it is a way more convenient way to shop, rather than standing in lines in front of the physical stores. Last years sales revenue growth y-o-y was 16.9% from 2016.

  • Last year (2017) – 16.9%
  • Actual 2018 – 23.6%






Actual numbers are quite shocking because each year they tend to grow. Especially, when we are talking about Black Friday. At first, this day was orientated only towards physical stores, but through the years it moved into online business as well. As we see now, the sales growth during this day grew by 23.6% from 2017. As a consequence, next year, numbers should be even bigger.


Cyber Monday is usually called the e-commerce version of Black Friday because all the sales occur online. Basically, customers from all around the world sign in different e-commerce platforms and search for the best deals. This is the largest online shopping day, so each year sales growth is rapidly increasing.


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