How To Advertise Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest?

How To Advertise Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest Multiorders

The number of active Etsy sellers is always growing, which means that the competition among them is increasing as well. As a consequence, sellers need to find new ways to stand out and promote themselves. One of the most effective ways to do it is by using social media channels. Pinterest is a web-based pinboard for pictures, that could really help with your Etsy store’s branding. In this article, we will explain how to advertise your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

advertise your Etsy shop on Pinterest


Why should you advertise your Etsy shop on Pinterest?


As mentioned before, Pinterest is a social media channel based on visual content. That is why you should not miss the opportunity to advertise your Etsy shop on Pinterest. First of all, their users come for exploring and sharing similar interests. Also, a lot of Pinterest users are there to discover some new ideas or find products to buy. Therefore it provides a great opportunity to find some new potential customers.


How to advertise your Etsy shop on Pinterest?


  1. Board names. In order to stand out from other users, you need to come up with the interesting board names. Although your board names can be up to 100 characters long, be creative and keep them below 20 as that is how many are shown on an unexpanded board. Also, the range of your boards will show your store’s taste. So try to create names, that will inspire others to follow your boards.


  1. Tell your story. You should definitely pin all of your product images, but don’t forget to pin associated content as well. For example if you’re selling children’s clothing, you should definitely add some motherhood pictures or cute and playful images. This way you will show your potential customers what is important to your company, which in turn will make your brand identity stronger and more defined.


  1. Pin a lot. One of the best tips is to stay active on your social media channel. On Pinterest that means – pin a lot. In other words, fill your boards with pictures that others might find compelling enough to start following you. Also, keep in mind that the best results are for those who pin every day. It is best to do it throughout the day instead of all at once.


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