Does Shopify Require UPC Codes?

Does Shopify Require UPC Codes? Multiorders

UPC is a universal product code, which helps in identifying a particular item. Many different marketplaces use it in order to distinguish certain items. Also, it helps identify the item’s brand name, model, colour, size, etc. Usually, online sellers have to figure out which marketplaces require these codes. In this article, we will answer when will Shopify require UPC codes and how to get them.

Shopify require UPC codes

What is the UPC code?


As mentioned before UPC is the abbreviation for Universal Product Code. Basically, it consists of two parts. One of them is a series of unique black and white bars and the other one is the 12-digit number beneath it. Both the bars and the number make up a unique code which helps identify your product. In order to get that code, you need to sign up in the Global Standards Organization. Formerly known as the Uniform Code Council, they manage the assigning of UPCs within the US. The first 6 numbers in your barcode stand for the particular manufacturer. The other 5 are based on a certain product.


Does Shopify require UPC codes?


First of all, if you are selling only on Shopify, you should know that there is only you and your products. In other words, there is no need to upload any UPC codes, because you do not need to confirm your product identification. On the other hand, if you want to upload your already existing products from other marketplaces, it is clear why would Shopify require UPC codes. For example, if you want to add your stock from other e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, it is necessary to use UPC codes to identify your products. Also, buyers can more easily compare how other customers rate your products on different marketplaces. So, basically, will Shopify require UPC codes depends on whether you are selling the same products on multiple sales channels. Nevertheless, in situations where Shopify require UPC codes, you should visit the GS1 US website.