How To Manage Multiple Shopify Stores?

How To Manage Multiple Shopify Stores Multiorders

Shopify is now being used by 377.500 merchants across the globe. That means that you need to find a way to stand out from your competitors. Let’s say you have not one, but multiple Shopify stores. In an effort to help you we deal with that situation we researched the possible risks and found a solution how to manage multiple Shopify stores.


multiple shopify stores

Multiple Shopify Stores

Shopify sales channel tends not to limit their users. On the contrary – they allow you to have multiple Shopify stores. Using this option allows you to separate websites to each region by their differences and needs. Additionally, you can set the right language, currency or even website design for each region. Also, you can sell to different buyer groups. For example, B2B customers, as well as B2C.



Benefits of multiple Shopify stores:

  • Bigger reach
  • Visibility
  • Selling internationally
  • Different customer groups


Frequently online sellers find themselves struggling with keeping track of inventory and orders when selling on multiple platforms. While it allows operating multiple Shopify stores, problems will surely multiply whenever you expand your business. For this reason, you need to know the risks, and the best solution to avoid them.



Risks of having multiple Shopify stores:

  • Overstocking
  • Out-of-stock messages
  • Cancellations
  • Increasing delays
  • Poor customer service


Actually, every online seller at some point in their business, needs to solve these problems. The most time-draining task is switching between different accounts. Also, you might be late to change order status or stock-levels. However, there is a way to avoid all these frustrating and inefficient daily tasks. Multiorders created a solution which allows you to manage multiple Shopify stores four times faster.



How to manage multiple Shopify stores?

As mentioned before, Multiorders created a solution which eliminates all the risks for online sellers. It has integration with Shopify sales channel, which allows you to connect multiple Shopify stores. Forget about the endless struggle of processing each parcel separately. Our software allows you to manage everything at once. Also, fulfilling orders now takes just a few clicks.



Connect and manage Multiple-Shopify-accounts to Multiorders shipping management software


Multiorders multichannel management software takes care of:

  • Inventory management of multiple Shopify stores
  • Shipping carriers
  • Tracking numbers & label printing
  • Single dashboard



  • Inventory management of multiple Shopify stores

Connect multiple Shopify stores in Multiorders and control all your inventory at once. We created an adjustable inventory management system which auto-syncs all changes to each store. In other words, all modifications, that you make in will instantly appear on each e-shop. Additionally, that way Multiorders created a time-efficient solution to modify stock-levels, etc. Also, it eliminates the need to switch between different accounts.


  • Shipping carriers

Another major tool for you is integrations with multiple shipping carriers. This allows you to choose from all of the most popular shipping companies. As soon as you receive an order, simply click on your chosen shipping carrier’s logo and Multiorders will do the rest. In this case, you can choose a different shipping carrier for each order.


  • Tracking numbers & label printing

As mentioned before, Multiorders will fulfil all further steps after you choose your shipping carrier. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on Shopify with tracking numbers. Because of all the shipping carriers’ integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to your Shopify store and additionally informs your customer. That way, an online seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.


  • Single dashboard

Multirders is able to speed up your business with an automation system. Because of multiple integrations of shipping carriers and Shopify sales channel, online sellers fulfil their order with a few clicks. Multiorders provides you with a single dashboard, where you can easily manage all your sales and shipments.


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