TOP: Best Shopify Store Themes 2018 To Improve Sales

TOP Best Shopify Store Themes 2018 To Improve Sales Multiorders

As we all know, appearance is still important in our culture. With this in mind, online sellers should think about the look of their shop. Did you ever think about Shopify store themes? It is a powerful tool which could dramatically improve your sales. For this reason, you have to carefully consider what to choose and how it will affect your e-commerce business. In this article, you will find 10 Best Shopify store themes in 2018.


10 best Shopify store themes


Shopify store themes


1. Icon

One of the best options of Shopify Store themes among fashion & apparel is the ICON template. The main reason for this is that they mix colours, blocks and banners into a matching layout. It has a sticky navigation, so using it is convenient for any customer. Not to mention, that ICON has a quick product view. Also, a parallax effect for an animated depth effect when scrolling down the page.

Price: $140



2. District

There are Shopify store themes which are the most suitable for a bigger product collection. One of them is DISTRICT. Their main advantage is that it allows you to post information about upcoming sales and new products. Also, DISTRICT appeals to a wide audience. Not to mention that it includes integrations with social media, which helps leave a social footprint.

Price: $160



3. Vogue

VOGUE is a lookbook-style theme, which allows portfolio-like collections. It is a fully responsive template. VOGUE is one of the most elegant Shopify store themes. It is a great option for showcasing top-shelf products and collections. Because it has large photo galleries with large images. Also, it has a multi-tiered sidebar menu.

Price: $180



4. Pop

Not all of the best Shopify store themes are highly priced. For example, POP is a minimalist theme which is commonly used by online sellers. This theme helps keep your content accessible and zoom in on your photos. Also, it has a sidebar menu, slide-out cart and slideshow on a home page. There are two styles included: Bone and Toy.

Price: Free



5. Envy

Another one of the most popular Shopify store themes is ENVY. It has four different styles and all of them are clean and modern. It is a number one solution for wedding fashion and outdoors gear. ENVY has a multi-level menu, which helps customers navigate more easily. It stands out from other Shopify store themes with their marketing popup and Instagram feed feature. Also, it has a promotional banner.

Price: $140



6. Flow

FLOW is one of the best Shopify themes for those who are looking for a minimalist design. It is a sharp theme which allows you to add your products in a recognizable and appealing way. Also, this theme offers a homepage video solution, which links to YouTube and Vimeo. Not to mention, that it comes with a slide-out cart to better fulfil customer needs.

Price: $140



7. Retina

One of the most trendy and professional Shopify store themes is RETINA. It has four different styles called Austin, Montreal, Melbourne and Amsterdam. While, each of them looks completely different, all have a full-width homepage video. This function allows you to tell your brand story and explain your company’s main purpose. Also, you can make videos for all your products.

Price: $180



8. Split

The main thing about the SPLIT theme is that it encourages your customer to walk through the journey of images. Also, it is optimized for extra large images, so you can create major banners. Moreover, SPLIT includes a testimonial section, so you can share your customer thoughts. Additionally, positive feedback helps attract new customers. Not to mention that they have a vertical slideshow for images, products or blog posts.

Price: $180



9. Narrative

One of the most popular Shopify store themes for small catalogues is NARRATIVE. This is designed more for brand and product storytelling. Because it includes a fullscreen video at the top of the home page, which features autoplay. Also, it has customizable image blocks and quote slides. Not to mention a vertical slideshow and convenient navigation.

Price: Free



10. Brooklyn

Many modern apparel stores choose BROOKLYN from all Shopify store themes. It has two different styles – Classic and Playful.  BROOKLYN offers the header slideshow, which allows an online seller to showcase multiple products on the homepage. Also, it has a dynamic grid. Their layout of products changes automatically, based on how many of them are displayed.

Price: Free


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