How To Track a myHermes Parcel

How to Track a myHermes Parcel Multiorders

Besides that each online seller has to list their goods, find a shipping carrier and fulfil their orders, they also need to make sure that their clients are satisfied. In other words, you have to guarantee that your services will fulfil your customer’s needs, and the chosen shipping carrier will take care of your parcel. One of the oldest and most trustful shipping companies is myHermes, which belongs to Hermes group. To assure their users, myHermes created several different delivery options and are ready to fulfil any e-commerce shipment. Meanwhile, online sellers can lie back and simply watch myHermes tracking. Furthermore, to make your shipping even more time-efficient, in this article, we will explain how to track a myHermes parcel.


track a myHermes parcel


Facts about myHermes tracking:


  1. Collected parcels. One of the most important rules on how to track a myHermes parcel is to know when it starts tracking. myHermes tracking will not begin to work and show any results until it is collected. Moreover, the parcel has to be scanned as collected. However, many users are not familiar with this term, so they get confused when at first they are unable to track their goods.
  2. Availability. There are no specific time-limits when your myHermes tracking is available. You can check it 24/7. Whenever you want to track a myHermes parcel, simply enter the tracking number and you will get all available details.



Steps to track a myHermes parcel AS A CUSTOMER:


  1. Copy the 16 digit tracking number, which is provided to you by an online seller
  2. Put that tracking number into the Barcode/Receipt bar and click “Go”



Steps to track a myHermes parcel AS AN ONLINE SELLER:


  1. At first, you need to sign in to your myHermes account
  2. Click on “MyParcels”
  3. Select “Active” shipments
  4. Then select “Actions”
  5. Click on “View”
  6. Now you are taken to the parcel tracking information



Steps before you track a myHermes parcel:


  1. Add parcel’s measurements into myHermes
  2. Receive all shipping data, including a tracking number
  3. Copy that tracking number
  4. Go to your marketplace and add myHermes tracking number
  5. Send it directly to your customer



Is there any easier way to track a myHermes parcel?

Luckily, there is a way to simplify myHermes tracking, not to mention that you can automate all myHermes shipping. Multiorders shipping management software  offers you a solution which will simplify the 5 step system into a one-step task. It has integration with myHermes which creates a shortcut to track a myHermes parcel, by auto-syncing all product details.


track a myHermes parcel

  • Automated myHermes tracking

Automatically mark your order as dispatched on all marketplaces with tracking numbers. Because of myHermes shipping integration, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs your customer. That way, an online seller won’t need to check and update any shipping information.


  • myHermes shipping

Multiorders shipping managing software creates a single dashboard for all your orders. It allows printing of Hermes labels in bulk for all your orders. Also, if you are already working with myHermes and own a business account, you simply connect it with Multiorders. Fortunately, there is no need to lose old account benefits, simply connect your myHermes business account to our software and simplify all management.


  • myHermes and multiple sales channels

Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, which means you can ship all your orders with myHermes. Connect multiple marketplaces and control all inventory in one place. Ship all orders with myHermes, despite their originating sales channel. Also, Multiorders has an adjustable inventory, so all changes, which you make there, will instantly appear on each e-shop. A time-efficient way to modify pricing, stock-levels, etc.