myHermes Shipping

myHermes shipping

To save your time on trying each shipping company, we prepared a short article to introduce you with one of the leaders. Knowing more about myHermes shipping will surely simplify your decision-making process.

myHermes Shipping

The main things you should know about myHermes

  • created by Hermes
  • delivery from the doorstep or ParcelShop

  • pricing from £3.29 per shipment
  • About myHermes. myHermes belongs to Hermes shipping company. The main purpose of creating myHermes was to fulfil the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). myHermes was launched in 2009 as a response to increased demand for a lower cost parcel delivery. They succeeded really quickly and in 2011 they delivered their millionth parcel.
  • myHermes shipping. Undoubtedly, myHermes managed to create a cost-efficient way to ship and deliver orders throughout all UK. Their website claims that they ship about 245 million deliveries each year. That is why myHermes created two different shipping methods. Their solutions:
    • *myHermes ParcelShop – a simple and affordable way to complete your shipment. Bring your parcel to the nearest Parcel Shop and myHermes will send it to your customer within two days.
    • Delivery from the doorstep – myHermes shipping couriers take order from retailer’s storage and ships it to the customer. This kind of shipping takes three days, but the parcel is collected from your doorstep.
    • *myHermes ParcelShop. As mentioned before, it is away drop-off your parcels, without arranging courier pick-up. It is an ideal option, for those who cannot wait until a courier arrives, or do not have a safe place to leave a parcel outside. There are over 4500 ParcelShops all around the UK. Drop-off your parcel in the nearest one, and myHermes will deliver it within two days.
  • myHermes pricing. myHermes indicate themselves as a cost-efficient company. A shipment including courier collection costs from £3.29 depending on parcel weight. Also, for items which valued up to £20, are entitled to a free additional cover. In other words, it guarantees a refund for any accidental damages during a shipment.

Connect myHermes with all sales channels

Multiorders has an integration with myHermes, which allows you to ship your orders within a few clicks. Forget about the endless struggle of processing each parcel separately. Multiorders has integrations with nearly all sales channels. Simplify your daily tasks, by creating a single order’s system. Connect all your marketplaces and control all shipping:

  • Tracking number
  • Hermes labels
  • Inventory management
  • Faster order fulfilment

All sales channels. In other words, Multiorders has myHermes integration, as well as with mostly all marketplaces. Now you can ship all orders with myHermes shipping carrier. Without fulfilling individual parcels, you can ship them in a bulk with a few clicks. A time-efficient way to manage your marketplaces!

All shipping companies. Not to mention, that Multiorders also has integrations with other shipping companies. In this case, you can choose a different shipping carrier to each order. Simply click on your chosen one and Multiorders will do the rest.

One dashboard. Our management software allows you to fulfil orders faster with an automation system.

Multiorders provides you with a single dashboard, where you can easily manage all your shipments.

myHermes Shipping

myHermes shipping integration

  • Automated shipment. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on all platforms with updated tracking numbers. Because of the myHermes shipping integration, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs the customer. That way, wholesaler won’t need to check and update any shipping information.
  • Print Hermes labels. The Multiorders dashboard allows printing of Hermes labels in bulk for all your orders. Print and ship goods, which are sold from different sales channels.
  • Inventory management. Connect multiple marketplaces, and control all inventory in one place. Multiorders inventory is adjustable to each sale channel. In other words, all changes, which you make in will instantly appear on each e-shop. Undeniably, a time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.

Connect myHermes business account

By all means, there is no need to end your existing relationship with myHermes. If you are selling more than 150 orders per week, most likely you have a business account. There is no need to loose those benefits (such as 48 hours fully tracked parcel delivery or flexible pricing). Multiorders allows you to connect your business account and still get all those benefits.

Save your time with myHermes integration

All in all, Multiorders users save up to 35 hours per week. myHermes integration allows fulfilling orders about three times faster. When you receive an order, click on myHermes logo, and that’s it! Afterwards, our management software will process your order – from picking up to delivering. What’s more, there is no need for downloading or installing any systems, simply log in and try it out!

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