SOLUTION: How To Integrate Shopify, ebay And Amazon?

SOLUTION How To Integrate Shopify, ebay And Amazon Multiorders

As a business owner of several online shops, you will always be in search of how to elevate your management methods and overall business efficiency. Therefore, you might be wondering how to integrate Shopify, eBay and Amazon to make multichannel management easier? If you are tired of the daily routine of “logging in” and “logging out” and inevitable mistakes that come with it – you should try Multiorders!

Integrate Shopify, eBay and Amazon

How To Integrate Shopify, eBay, and Amazon?

Controlling several shops at once can be difficult. Therefore, as a merchant who works with more than one sales channel, you need a management alternative. With Multiorders inventory management software running multiple e-commerce shops will become a no-brainer.

Multiorders offers to add multiple sales channels and use different shipping carriers in order to manage your businesses from one spot. You can choose from a large variety of the most popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to integrate into Multiorders software. This means you will have the opportunity to branch out in the future and Multiorders will not get in the way of that!

Best Features for Multiple Sales Channel Management

 Integrate Shopify, eBay and Amazon

  • Shipping carriers. With Multiorders you can choose from different shipping carriers to cut the costs! Moreover, the software offers USPS Commercial Plus Pricing with a 48% discount on your shipping costs. What is also useful is the ability to create shipping presets. By using these features you will not only save time but also money.
  • Amazon FBA and MCF. If you fulfill your orders with Amazon’s service, you don’t need to give up the convenience! Multiorders users get to use Amazon FBA and MCF without any additional costs.
  • Inventory Management. Multiorders tracks your shipped items and stock levels in order for you to be always updated about what is going on in your business.
  • Customer service. Multiorders inventory management software offers superb customer service. You can always email, call or chat in Multiorders.
  • Free trial. If you are hesitant about using Multiorders – try it for free and you will not be sorry!