GUIDE: How To Create USPS Shipping Label?

GUIDE How To Create USPS Shipping Label Multiorders

Choosing a trustworthy shipping service provider is a difficult task for an e-commerce seller. If you ship internationally check out USPS services since it has one of the cheapest delivery rates. If it fits your needs, the next step is to create a USPS shipping label.

Although creating a shipping label in USPS is not confusing at all, it can use up a lot of your time. If you wonder how you can cut the time costs, create labels and manage your inventory in the same place – Multiorders inventory management software is a great solution.

USPS logo - commercial plus rates on Multiorders shipping management software

Create USPS Shipping Label In One Click?

Creating shipping labels for USPS has never been easier. Especially using Multiorders inventory management software.

With Multiorders, users can add multiple e-commerce shops and choose from different shipping carriers. Therefore, if you are using USPS as your shipping service provider do not hesitate to choose this platform.

Log into Multiorders and automatically get the possibility to ship with USPS and many more! This will not only save your time, but also limit the expenses. With the ability to choose different shipping carriers and print labels in a few seconds, it is a guarantee that you will save money! Moreover, Multiorders users get Commercial Plus Pricing.

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing will give you a 48% discount on your shipping costs at all times. Besides, you will not need to have a high monthly volume or need account registration. With Multiorders you can get this service at the lowest price.

When you log into Multiorders, printing labels is an easy task to do. It generates the label in a few seconds.

Additionally, you can choose from different label formats, track shipped goods, print the labels in bulk, create shipping presets and even merge the orders.

5 Steps How To Do It With Multiorders?

  1. Log into your Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to the Orders tab. There you will see your current order list.Go To Orders Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Click on the order you want to ship.Ship Shopify Order Screenshot Multiorders
  4. In the pop-up choose your carrier.Select Shipping Courier Screenshot Multiorders
  5. Confirm rates and click on Print Label in the next window.
    Automatically applied USPS premium discount when using our USPS commercial plus pricing plan