How To Print First Class Shipping Label In USPS?

How To Print First Class Shipping Label In USPS Multiorders

In order to be the best merchant, you have to think about good shipping services. Therefore, USPS first class shipping can be a good option. Although many sellers can get confused about how to print first class shipping label in USPS.

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What Is USPS First Class Shipping?

USPS first class shipping is a good feature for those e-commerce merchants, who want their deliveries to be fast and safe. USPS offers 1-3 day delivery service and as they call it “the best-priced service for mail up to 13 oz”. By using USPS first class shipping you can send commercial priced letters and cards up to 3.5 ounces for free.

In spite of the ability of USPS to offer great features to their customers, there are some restrictions you should have in mind:

  • Maximum weight. Maximum weight for First-Class Mail letters is 3.5 oz; for large First-Class Mail envelopes and parcels, the maximum weight is 13 oz.
  • The shape of the package. All envelopes and postcards must be rectangular or you will have to pay additional prices.
  • Materials you ship. There is a strict policy on the things you can ship, for example, cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Therefore, check the restriction list to make sure you are following the rules.

An easier way to print first class shipping label in USPS

Multiorders shipping management software is the perfect tool to take control of your business.

With Multiorders platform you can print, void and reprint shipping labels.

It is very useful especially if you have more than one e-commerce shop.

In Multiorders software, you can add multiple online shops and use various shipping carriers in one place. That way, you can handle your businesses faster and better. Multiorders provides USPS Commercial Plus Pricing with a 48% discount on shipping prices. You can even get it without the need of high monthly volume!

Nonetheless, there are many different features with which you can improve label creation. This involves: the option of printing shipping labels in bulk, creating shipping presets and printing custom labels from a variety of different layout choices.

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