Amazon And Ebay Inventory Management

SOLUTION Amazon & Ebay Inventory Management Multiorders

An online seller, who sells on multiple Amazon and eBay accounts, has a lot on their plate. This includes not only making sure orders are in place, but also managing the inventory. Those administration task can really drain the seller and take up a lot of their time. Therefore, Amazon and eBay inventory management software is a must.

Choose Multiorders For Your Inventory Management

Multiorders is a great inventory management software, where you can integrate all your online shops and shipping carriers. You can choose from various options like eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify and many more. This is very useful if you have multiple e-commerce shops and you want to see all your items, orders and shipments in one place.

Amazon & eBay Inventory Management

What is more, Multiorders has a wide selection of shipping carriers. These include DPD UK, USPS, FedEx UK, UPS and others. With Multiorders you can get a 48% USPS discount on your shipping. Best part is that you do not need high monthly volume or even a USPS account to get the discount!

Best Amazon & eBay Inventory Management

If you use Amazon and eBay to sell your goods, Multiorders will definitely change the game. It is a great tool for Amazon and eBay inventory management as well as other sales channels. For example, instant updates is perfect to change the product price or stock levels. This will help you control your shops without any burden. There is no doubt, it will automate your routine, eliminate necessary time-consuming tasks and make it easy for you to navigate through your inventory.

Amazon & eBay Inventory Management

Moreover, our software offers product merging. This feature is perfect if you sell the same item in various shops. Without any type of software you will probably have to check if the stock levels match in every store to avoid overselling. Hence, with the ability to merge your items, Multiorders will update all your sales channels about the change in stock of the item.

Product bundling is also an option if you want to sell a couple of items in one package. Multiorders lets you bundle products and withholds a bundle from selling if at least one of the items is out of stock. This is perfect, if you want to cut time costs. Also, it is great if you want to have an automatic system that prevents you from making mistakes.

There are many more things you can do with Multiorders. Easily manage suppliers and generate purchase orders! Multiorders automatically fills out the purchase orders, all you have to do is send them to your supplier. This is perfect to cut the time costs and simplify day-to-day administration tasks.