SOLUTION: How To Sync Etsy And WooCommerce?

SOLUTION How To Sync Etsy And WooCommerce Multiorders

As an e-commerce seller, who decided to branch out and sell items not only on Etsy but also on WooCommerce, you should start thinking about the time you spend on administrative tasks. In order to cut the time costs, you should sync Etsy and WooCommerce. Syncing Etsy and WooCommerce will help you in shop administration and time management as well as in the expansion of your venture.
sync etsy and woocommerce

Pros of Selling On Multiple E-commerce Shops

  • Expand your business. Etsy has a distinctive niche. It is tailored for those merchants, who sell handcrafted, vintage or unique items. While it is a great place to start, you should think about the opportunities to expand. WooCommerce is a perfect place for that, as it is broader in terms of item selection and overall website design. Therefore, your shop can really stand out!
  • Reach more customers. While selling on multiple channels, you will gain more attention from different kinds of clients. If you decide to sell your Etsy items on WooCommerce, it will let you reach more diverse customers compared to if you only limit yourself to Etsy buyers.
  • Increase sales. When you break into other markets, which you are not used to, the sales will increase in no time. Just make sure to use great marketing strategies to drive traffic to your page.

Cons of Selling On Multiple E-commerce Shops

  • Double the work. Managing two e-commerce shops can get hectic. Keeping up with the order, inventory and shipment management is hard with no extra help. Although, this should not discourage you from turning your business into an even bigger success.

Easy Way To Sync Etsy and WooCommerce

sync etsy and woocommerce

If you have multiple shops and you are sick and tired of managing them from different platforms, you should check out Multiorders inventory management software. With Multiorders you can add multiple e-commerce shops and use different shipping carriers.

Add as many shops as you desire. With Multiorders you can choose from plenty of options.

This includes Etsy, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay and many more. The minute you sync Etsy and WooCommerce to your account, you will have the ability to enjoy other inventory management features that Multiorders has to offer.

These features include:

  • Stock control
  • Order management
  • Product bundling/kitting
  • Ability to create, void and reprint shipping labels
  • Integration of Fulfilment by Amazon services

With Multiorders managing multiple stores on Etsy and WooCommerce is quick and easy. You should definitely try it out. Multiorders offers a 14-day free trial, which will let you test out all the features and find out how the software can benefit you!

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