New e-commerce integration – WIX

New e-commerce integration

Everything is rapidly changing in e-commerce, so everyone doing business in this sphere has to change as well. For instance, business management tool providers have to continually think about how to make sellers’ lives easier. That is why Multiorders e-commerce software wants to announce a new integration with one of the biggest sales channels – WIX.


Why WIX?

Let us start with describing the main idea behind Multiorders – make any online seller’s daily routine easier. That is why this software combines three main things that make up the back office of an e-commerce business – order, shipping and inventory management. In order to become an irreplaceable tool, we need to integrate with the most popular shipping companies, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. Among our integrations, we already have giants like Amazon, eBay, Woocommerce, Shopify and more. Now we have added another well-known name – WIX.

Wix is an e-commerce platform that has all the necessary tools that help you create your online presence. It is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to creating a unique and professional online store. They have more than 3200 employees from all around the world who continually help increase the platform’s efficiency and performance. Wix is a world-wide company that has offices in the USA, Lithuania, Ireland, Israel, Canada, Germany, Brazil and Ukraine.

When talking about the role of Wix in e-commerce, it is essential to mention you can use this tool to build your online store from scratch. Use various design and storefronts to make it unique, then make it easy to use on mobile devices and even connect your social media channels to make it more reachable. WIX is one of the most popular solutions among sellers. There are already more than 500,000 stores created on Wix. However, until now, there wasn’t a good way to connect your other stores to Wix. Multiorders solves that problem.


New e-commerce integration – WIX

With WIX integration, Multiorders e-commerce management software is capable of serving a more complete audience. Now sellers who created their store on Wix can easily manage it together with other stores in the same dashboard, automate the shipping process and optimise inventory management.


Inventory management

Integrate your WIX store to make your inventory management easier and optimised! Avoid overselling by setting reorder points. Be automatically notified when your inventory drops to the set level, to reorder more items quickly. Attach products to the right suppliers to make the reordering process even quicker. Synchronize listings in multiple shops and Multiorders will automatically reduce available stock in all other stores, once you sell a product in one of them.


Shipping management

Control shipping more comfortably with Multiorders. Integrate your Wix store and ship your orders in a new seamless way. Automatically sync all the shipping details, print shipping labels in seconds and let the software add tracking numbers for you. Available with all of the most popular shipping carriers. Also, use USPS Commercial pricing without any requirements! All Multiorders users get the best shipping rates just for working with us.


Order management

Simplify your order management with our software. Send all the necessary documentation to your customers in no time. Through Multiorders you can generate invoices, payments and purchase orders. Basically, this tool helps you eliminate all repetitive tasks or the need to use multiple platforms to fulfil an order. Use one solution that does it all – manage different sales channels, fulfil orders and track your performance in the consolidated system. See your real-time sales and get analytics about your performance.


Multi-channel selling

Find a new way to grow your e-commerce business by integrating your WIX store to Multiorders. This tool helps you sell through multiple sales channels more efficiently. Sign up on the most popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms and control them all from the same dashboard. You can see when a new order drops in from any of your stores. With Multiorders you won’t need to check each store separately. Also, each time you sell an item, the available inventory will automatically be updated in all your stores. Reach a wider audience with multi-channel selling!