USPS Ecommerce shipping integration

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USPS ecommerce shipping integration

Having a USPS integration among all other shipping integrations allows Multiorders users to choose the most established shipping carrier to fulfil their ecommerce orders.

USPS Tracking Number

Tired of endless copy-paste tasks, such as adding a USPS tracking number to every order and sending it to a customer? Multiorders automates the majority of your sales steps, so it will auto-update tracking number in any online store.

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing

Get USPS Commercial Plus pricing without any requirements. Every Multiorders user automatically gets the best USPS shipping rates. Despite which plan you decide to choose or your shipping volumes, you still get the discount.

USPS shipping label

With Multiorders you can print your USPS shipping label within seconds. Each user can choose from many different label formats, and even if you couldn’t find the right one - Multiorders is ready to design a custom label.

Shopify and USPS integration

Have your online store built on Shopify and want to ship your goods with USPS? No worries, Multiorders has an integration for both Shopify and USPS. That allows you to fulfil your orders in the fastest way. It automates the whole shipment and ads a USPS tracking number.

USPS and Magento integration

One of the most common issues is finding an efficient way to ship Magento orders, which USPS integration solves entirely. Once you receive your Magento orders through Multiorders, simply click on USPS integration logo and our software will complete it for you.

USPS Ecommerce shipping integration

Having a USPS ecommerce shipping integration allows Multiorders to be one of the leading shipping management software solutions. It not only provides users with the best shipping rates – USPS Commercial Plus pricing, but also automates many other steps involved in selling. All you have to do in order to increase your business efficiency is let Multiorders help you.
When you receive an order, it will show up in Multiorders dashboard. From now on, you do not have to constantly check all your marketplaces. That is really convenient when you sell through multiple sales channels. If you want to fulfil your order, simply choose a shipping carrier. That’s where USPS comes in. Simply click on the USPS logo and all the benefits become apparent.
When we talk about an ecommerce shipping integration in Multiorders, this new fulfilment method gives you access to the best USPS perks. You will get it all – USPS shipping insurance, the best pricing, a wide range of shipping label formats and automatic updates in any of your stores.
After your customer buys something from you, the software will automatically deduct stock levels on every store that is added to Multiorders. In this case, if you have more than one store, you do not have to go over each of them to lower stock levels. Also, the same goes for the whole order fulfilment process – you won’t have to confirm any of your orders in each marketplace separately. In other words – everything can be completed through Multiorders.
As mentioned before, once you receive an order, all you need to do to ship it with USPS, is select them from the shipping carrier list. Multiorders automatically synchronizes all the following information about your order – customer’s contact details, package measurements and any other specific details. With Multiorders, order fulfilment is at least four times faster than doing it manually!

The best USPS shipping rates

Multiorders offers the best USPS shipping rates and WE MEAN IT! Every Multiorders user has the ability to ship their goods with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. No matter how long you have used their services or how many orders you do. Usually, Commercial Plus Pricing rates are only available for high volume shippers.
When you use Multiorders, your previous experience with USPS won’t matter. Without any exceptions, every user gets the best USPS shipping rates. Also, despite which plan you decided to choose, you will be able to use all of the following benefits.

USPS insurance

Every experienced seller knows how important it is to keep their shipments safe. No matter which shipping carrier you might choose, even the best ones can fail. Especially, when we are talking about accidents that happen during shipping. As a result of those accidents, your package might end up damaged or missing entirely. That is why it is important to protect every parcel.
USPS insurance covers any damage that occurred during shipping or missing contents. In other words, this insurance covers you from loss due to an accident. Imagine that because of the bad weather conditions your order with a fragile poster has been ruined and your customer informs you about irretrievable damage caused by rain. This situation could have two different endings. The first scenario – a profit loss will happen if you do not have USPS insurance, because then you will have to ship another item and pay for a new shipment. In another scenario, USPS will cover all losses that happen during transit.
Usually, shipping companies offer different insurance options and standard plans, but the plans get more expensive as their coverage increases. Unless you are a Multiorders user. Every seller who completes orders through Multiorders with USPS can get the best shipping insurance. Also, this deal gives you up to $200 insurance per Priority Mail shipment. Everything to keep your orders safe!

USPS integration with Shopify, Magento and many others

The main feature on which all Multiorders users agree is multiple integrations. This software allows sellers to connect multiple marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and shipping carriers. As a result, this creates the most interesting business management variations.
For instance, multiple integrations allow users to sell goods through Shopify, ship them with USPS and the software automatically changes the stock in both of their shops – Shopify and Magento. Not to mention that this variation can be done with many other marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce and others.
In order to try this business opportunity, you simply need to connect all your existing online stores and you can even add a physical store’s inventory. Once you complete this step, all automated solutions and benefits will be at your disposal. Every plan, without any additional requirements, includes the best USPS shipping rates, insurance, an ability to integrate USPS with any of their sales channels and much more. Click the button below and try it for free!

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