SOLVED: How To Avoid Overselling On Shopify?

SOLVED How To Avoid Overselling On Shopify Multiorders

One of the common problems in modern business is how to avoid overselling on Shopify. From day one you need to set certain rules on how to avoid common ecommerce inventory management mistakes. If you think about this beforehand and are clear about the steps you need to take, the future will be bright and wealthy.

Shopify overselling

Shopify is a great platform to open your store and start your own business. However it does not help avoid overselling on Shopify platform and any other related shops that you may have.

To overcome this problem you should use Multiorders inventory management software. This software is a great tool to help you reduce the amount of errors and disappointed customers to the minimum.

When you add your Shopify store or any other unlimited amount of stores which you have, you will see all of your products on the Inventory dashboard. There you will be able to clearly see the available stock for all of your shops in one place.

If someone buys a product, the stock will automatically update on each store. You will no longer need to double check if you have enough inventory for all of the shops.

Reorder Point

With Multiorders you can do even more! You can set a Reorder point, which means that when you reach a certain number of available stock, the software will inform you about it and you can create a purchase order before you run out of stock. You can choose to get notifications by email as an addition to notifications on your dashboard. Here is how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Select Settings and then click on Company.Click On Settings Company Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Scroll down until you see Reorder Point.Set Global Reorder Point Screenshot Multiorders
  4. If you wish to get email notifications, check the box.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Choose a number which will be your reorder point. You will see this number on your Inventory dashboard too.

After you set a new reorder number, it may take a while for the system to update. Just give it a few minutes. You can also set individual reorder points for each product separately.

  1. Go to Inventory tab.Inventory Simple Configurable Merged Bundle Multiorders
  2. Find the product you want to change the Reorder point for.
  3. Click on the column Reorder Point and put in the chosen number.Set Single Reorder Point Screenshot Multiorders

Avoid overselling on Shopify

With Multiorders you can do one additional step to avoid overselling on Shopify. You can filter the inventory and find the products which are highlighted as low in stock or download a report to get all of them in one file.

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