GUIDE: How To Connect Royal Mail And Amazon

GUIDE How To Connect Royal Mail And Amazon Multiorders

E-commerce is a tough field, where sellers are seeking to find the best solutions to make their businesses more efficient. Merchants need to search for cheap, but high standard ways to improve the way they work. Shipping is one of those tasks that needs precise attention. Therefore, as an e-commerce seller, you should find a way to connect Royal Mail and Amazon and get it perfect.

Connect Royal Mail and Amazon

Why You Should Use Royal Mail

Choosing the right shipping carrier is crucial for your Amazon store. With the correct choice, you can gain much more than customer satisfaction. It can also free you from worrying about the actual delivery process as parcels are in good hands. There are many reasons why e-commerce sellers choose Royal Mail. The main ones are flexible costs, quality, trust, and reachability.

  • Costs. This is an important factor for any merchant. Royal Mail offers slightly higher prices compared to other shipping services in the UK but it is worth it. This shipping service offers multiple shipping options from which sellers can choose the most suitable and cheapest one for them.
  • Quality. Many e-commerce sellers stress about the quality of deliveries since they hope that the goods will reach their customers undamaged. Royal Mail is known for safe and on time package deliveries.
  • Trust. As Royal Mail has been delivering items for over 500 years, you can surely trust their service. Not only tremendous experience and flawless technique, but also great customer service should gain your trust in the company.
  • Reachability. The best quality of Royal Mail is the fact that they provide excellent shipping services not only in the UK but also internationally. This shipping carrier delivers packages to over 200 destinations worldwide. It is very useful, especially for an e-commerce business.

Simple Way To Connect Royal Mail and Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller, who uses Royal Mail to fulfill their orders and you want to cut time costs, check out Multiorders shipping management software. With Multiorders you can add multiple e-commerce shops and use different shipping carriers.

Multiorders will let you manage your Amazon accounts and Royal Mail shipping service from one spot.

Here is how you connect Royal Mail and Amazon:

  1. Log in to MultiordersLogin Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Click Integrations. With Multiorders you can integrate however many shipping carriers and stores you desire.Go To Integrations Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Add your Amazon account
  4. Connect your Royal Mail account. Type in your preferred integration name, OBA Email Address, Royal Mail Account number and click Connect.Royal mail integration guide Multiorders
  5. Usually, it can take up to 10 days to get your Royal Mail account up and running, because that’s a standard procedure with Royal Mail integrations.

Multiorders will help manage your shipments faster by tracking the parcels, prefilling your shipping labels, giving automatic updates to your sales channels about the stock and shipping status. Moreover, with our software, you can create shipping presets, which will definitely save time!