As your customers enjoy shopping at your store, you may notice same purchasing patterns. If you see that a lot of customers buy two complementary items at once, you should try and bundle products on Amazon.

Bundling will offer unique options for the customer and even get the Buy Box. Amazon Buy Box helps boost sales by highlighting special bundle offers in the top right-hand corner when a customer adds one of the bundle items into their shopping cart.

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Policies You Should Know

There are a couple of rules you have to follow in order to successfully sell the products in bundles on Amazon. These are 4 main policies you should know:

  • Bundles must contain complementary products.
  • Single category listing.
  • No generic items.
  • No modifications.

Best Practices To Bundle Products On Amazon

  • Find compatible products. They must complement, enhance, enable each other.
  • Name your bundle. While picking a title keep in mind that the name of a bundle should reflect all of the items in it.
  • Set the price. As the customer will expect cheaper price for your bundle than buying the items separately, you should carefully consider the price.
  • Set a unique UPC (universal product code). The bundles are composed out of separate and different products, therefore each bundle should have its own UPC.
  • Create Amazon product listing. There are two things you have to consider:

    • The image. It has to show all the bundle components and not cause any confusion about what is included in the bundle.
    • Category of the listing. If you can not determine the most applicable one, you should pick the category considering the main item in the bundle.

Easier way to manage bundled products

The most efficient solution to manage product sets is Multiorders inventory management platform. With this tool you can add however many online shops you want and create bundles within seconds!

Moreover, it will let you:

  • Set component quantity per bundle
  • Automatically update your stock
  • Show if there is still a possibility to sell the bundle
  • Create bundles throughout all your sales channels

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