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SOLUTION How To Merge eBay Accounts 2019 Multiorders

We live in the internet age, which means that it has never been so easy to start an e-commerce business. Therefore, having multiple eBay accounts is fairly common. Although multiple online shops mean more time and money, you have to work harder to keep them in control. Thus, you should think about how to merge eBay accounts and make your life easier.

Benefits of Merging eBay Accounts

  • Time. If you merge your accounts you will definitely save time. Think about how much time you spend “logging in” and “logging out” to your eBay accounts. With this task, you can even make some mistakes, which will again – need time to be fixed. Therefore, try to merge multiple eBay accounts, because it can be a time saver!
  • Convenience. Alongside the cuts in time costs, there comes convenience of managing multiple eBay stores at once. Imagine seeing all of your orders, shipments and stock levels in one place. It will not only speed up the process but also give you an overview of your multiple eBay shops.
  • Boost sales. As you can probably tell, all of these benefits are related to each other. Therefore, if you have more time to focus on other sides of your business and have a convenient software to manage your e-commerce shops, you will have more opportunities to think about the goods you sell, marketing and your customer’s expectations.

The Easiest Way To Merge eBay Accounts

Merge eBay Accounts

There is a great tool to merge multiple accounts and it is called Multiorders. It is an inventory management software, where you can connect all your sales channels and shipping carriers.

With Multiorders you can manage your inventory, stock levels, and shipments. In addition, this software offers great insights into your business(es). You can check your statistics and even assign roles to your team.

If you use multiple eBay accounts to sell your items do not hesitate and try Multiorders! It will not only cut the time costs but make your daily work routine much easier. Our software offers automatic updates to your sales channels about any stock changes, therefore you will not need to worry about keeping an eye on your stock levels. In addition, Multiorders tracks your shipped items, so you can forget the stress about your order fulfillment.

Moreover, since you can add different sales channels to Multiorders it is very easy to expand your business. This software lets you integrate plenty of marketplaces and shopping carts with no additional cost. Try Multiorders and enjoy selling!