GUIDE: How To Export Ebay Inventory To Spreadsheet

GUIDE How To Export Ebay Inventory To Spreadsheet Multiorders

As an online seller, you might need to export eBay inventory to a spreadsheet. There are plenty of reasons why knowing the best ways to do it could benefit you. Let’s say you want to manage your accounting or do an analysis. For these reasons, exporting inventory to a spreadsheet can be very useful, especially for an e-commerce seller.

export eBay Inventory to Spreadsheet


Best Software For Administrative Tasks

Multiorders inventory management software is a great tool for administrative tasks. One of these is exporting eBay inventory to a spreadsheet. With our software, you can add multiple e-commerce shops and use different shipping carriers. Moreover, you can not only add eBay accounts but also choose from others like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and many more. This feature comes with no additional costs. Certainly, it is very useful for multichannel merchants.

export eBay Inventory to Spreadsheet

As an inventory management software, Multiorders offers some other great features. These include automatic updates for your stock levels and shipments. Multiorders will track them and update your selling channels.

In addition, you can get updates and track your items. Also, bundle and merge your products. It is an easy way to make your business more efficient. Moreover, it helps reduce the time spent on managing these tasks. It is a great tool for boosting your sales.

With faster inventory management you can use your time elsewhere and focus on other parts of your business. Altogether, this will definitely reflect positively on your sales!

Quick Way to Export eBay Inventory to Spreadsheet

The best thing in Multiorders is how you can complete small, but important tasks quickly. Exporting eBay inventory is very easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to Multiorders.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to the Inventory section.Go To Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Choose the number of items you want to export. Keep in mind, if you want to export all of your items or only the ones you filter out, you do not have to do it manually. You can find these choices when you click the export button.
  4. Click Export.Export Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  5. Choose where you want to save the document.


That’s it. The spreadsheet will be saved in the location you chose.