SOLUTION: How To Void A USPS Shipping Label?

SOLUTION How To Void A USPS Shipping Label Multiorders

In order to get your business up and running shipping is a crucial step. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself to choose the right shipping carrier for you. One of which is label printing. USPS is a great shipping service provider if you are shipping internationally. Though many sellers know how to print labels, they do not understand how to void a USPS shipping label. If you want to know how to do it more efficiently – keep on reading.

Void USPS Shipping Label


As I mentioned before, USPS is a good shipping carrier. Many e-commerce sellers choose USPS services for several benefits: low costs, plenty of shipping destinations and no additional surcharges to the base price for residential delivery.

USPS not only provides estimated delivery dates based on the time zones but also offers a point-to-point tracking system. Therefore, it is easier for you to trust the system and for your customer to trust you.

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Easier Way To Void a USPS Shipping Label

To tell the truth, it is nearly impossible to avoid human mistakes. Yet with Multiorders shipping management platform you can effectively reduce them to a minimum. If you made a mistake and need to void a USPS shipping label it is easier than ever.

With Multiorders you can add multiple online shops, shipping carriers and manage them from one spot. Such things as printing, voiding or reprinting labels will become a few minute tasks.

Moreover, you will not need to worry about keeping track of your shipped goods, stock and performance reports. In Multiorders shipping management software, these tasks will be done automatically!

Tips How To Void a USPS Shipping Label In Multiorders

In order to void a USPS shipping label you need to change the order status according to the problem you are facing:
A mistake in shipment booking

  • Change your order status to “new”. This will automatically void the label. Then, the order will appear among your new orders.
  • When the order is “new” again, you can press “ship order” once more.

If you made a mistake in choosing which order to ship

  • Change your order status to “canceled”. This will void the label and cancel the shipment.