GUIDE: Shopify And FedEx Integration

GUIDE Shopify And Fedex Integration Multiorders

Multiorders shipping management software offers a way to easily advance your business and become more effective in the shipping process. To be exact, our software does this by offering you the Shopify and FedEx integration. This integration can be a very helpful tool on the road to success.


To create a Shopify and FedEx integration, just follow the steps below. As a result, after the completion, you will have fully working integrations. Therefore, you can start shipping Shopify orders with FedEx immediately.


Shopify integration

First of all, you need to integrate Shopify by completing a few very straightforward steps:


  1. Log in to Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to Integrations.Go To Integrations Screenshot Multiorders
  3. On the right-hand side find the Shopify icon and click on it.Shopify Integration Icon Screenshot Multiorders
  4. In the window enter the display name and your store name. Click Connect.Click Connect On Shopify Integration Screenshot Multiorders
  5. You will be redirected to the Shopify login page. Enter the login information and click Log in.Shopify login page - multiorders integrations guide
  6. You will be redirected back to Multiorders with the integration working.


It may take up to ten minutes for the product import. Meanwhile, you can integrate FedEx.

FedEx integration

To be honest, Fedex integration takes a while, but it is well worth it. Therefore, hang in there and follow the steps:


  1. Go to to get your Test details.
  2. Click on FedEx Web Services.Fedex Web Services - multiorders integrations guide
  3. Log in to your account. Then click on Develop and Test in the left menu.Fedex Web Services Develop and Test - multiorders integrations guide
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on Get Your Test Key.Fedex Web Services - multiorders integrations guide
  5. You need to fill out the FedEx registration form before you can get the testing credentials. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate country. Then click Continue.Fedex Web Services Registration for Fedex Test System Access - multiorders integrations guide
  6. In the new window, you will see the terms and conditions. Click I Accept.Fedex Web Services Test System Access Authorization - multiorders integrations guide
  7. Now you see the Testing Details. Note them somewhere.Fedex Web Services Test System Access Confirmation - multiorders integrations guide
  8. Next, you need to get your Production Details. Go here:
  9. Click on FedEx Web Services.Fedex Web Services - multiorders integrations guide
  10. In the drop-down menu find Move to Production and click on it.Fedex Web Services Move to Production - multiorders integrations guide
  11. Scroll down until you see Get Production Key and click on it.Fedex Web Services Get Production Key - multiorders integrations guide
  12. You will be required to fill in the registration form before you can get the Meter Number. Answer the questions:
    Do you intend to resell your software? – No.
    Please check the box next to each type of FedEx web services you intend to use in your integration solution. – Check the box with the “FedEx Web Services for Shipping (includes Rate, Track, etc.)”.
    Please indicate whether you are developing your FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a Consultant. – Corporate Developer.Fedex Web Services Application Profile - multiorders integrations guide
  13. Click Continue.
  14. In the terms and conditions section click, I Accept.Fedex Web Services License Agreement - I accept - multiorders integrations guide
  15. Fill in the contact information and click Continue.Fedex Registration for Web Services Production Access - multiorders integrations guide
  16. In the Developers Info section click Continue.Fedex Web Services Developer Info - multiorders integrations guide
  17. Now you should see your Meter Number and Authentication Key. The Password and Product URL will be in your email.Fedex Web Services Authentication Key Meter Number - multiorders integrations guideFedex production account information - multiorders integrations guide
  18. Almost done. Now log in to Multiorders.
  19. Go to Integrations.
  20. Find the FedEx icon and click on it.FedEx Integration Icon Screenshot Multiorders
  21. Click next until you reach the page where you have to put the information you have just gathered. Click Submit.Fedex integration page - test credentials - multiorders integrations guide
  22. If everything was correct you will be able to print test labels. These labels will also be sent to your email. Click Done.Fedex integration page - instructions - multiorders integrations guide
  23. You must print those labels and send for a quality check to your FedEx account manager. Whenever the labels are approved you can proceed with the integration by using your Production Account details.
  24. Go to Multiorders Integrations page and on the left-hand side and find the FedEx integration. Click Finish Integration.Fedex integration page - finish integration - multiorders integrations guide
  25. FIll in the details which you should have in your email. Click Submit.Fedex integration page - enter production account details - multiorders integrations guide


That is it, now you have a fully working Shopify and FedEx integration. You can start using it. If you have any further questions about how the Shopify and FedEx integration works, please contact our support team.

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