GUIDE: How To Print Etsy Address Labels?

GUIDE How To Print Etsy Address Labels Multiorders

Etsy address labels can refer to either the sender or the recipient identification. A primary example of using address labels is that it saves time and prevents from manually filling the addresses. So how exactly do you print Etsy address labels?

First of all, they may have an adhesive back or be made from simple paper. The latter is then attached to the parcel by using glue or sellotape. To print Etsy address labels on adhesive paper, you just need to purchase the adhesive sheets. Besides, you must choose the appropriate size to fit your label.

Etsy integration logo for Multiorders shipping management software

Furthermore, you can make Etsy return labels anywhere and order in huge quantities. Simply because your address is the same. However, you cannot do this with the recipient’s address. Many wise businesses use third-party software to reduce costs and shorten the shipping process. Multiorders address label generator allows you to print labels in huge quantities without any additional cost. Even more, you have a chance to reprint those at any convenient time.

How to print Etsy address labels

Another fact you should know about Etsy address labels is that it is exactly the same thing as a shipping label. This is when we talk about the recipient address. In order to print the label, just follow the steps:

  1. Log in to Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to New under Orders tab and find the order you wish to send. Click Ship Order.Click Ship Order Neutral Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Choose the courier and fill in the needed information. Then click Create Label.Create Label Screenshot Multiorders
  4. You will see a pop-up window with a blue button that says Print Label. Underneath you will also have options to print other necessary documents. Such as invoice, return form, packing slip and delivery note. Click on Print Label.Click Print Label Screenshot Multiorders

If you wish to print other documents, just click on the name and it will open in a new window. Do not worry, the shipping label will not disappear. Later on, if you need to reprint any of the documents, just go to your shipped orders and click Print next to the item. Then, from the dropdown menu select the required document.

Adjust address labels settings

Lastly, you can adjust the settings and the included information by going to Settings → Shipping. Scroll down to the very bottom and tick the boxes. When you untick the box it means that information won’t be included in the address label. Afterwards, you can adjust all the other documents in the same way.