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Etsy invoice

Managing invoices for your customers is one of the seller’s daily tasks, but it can be a burden to an Etsy seller. Therefore, you have to find out how to automate Etsy invoice – generate and send it with no obstacles. In this article, you will find an easy way to do it quickly, efficiently and without spending much money on complicated programs.

Etsy invoice

How to print Etsy Invoice?

The main problem of printing Etsy invoices is that it takes several steps to do it and you cannot complete this task in a bulk action. In other words, it is a complex action, which leads into a single order’s invoice, and if needed, you have to repeat it to get into another order. It takes a lot of your time, especially if you make many orders and need to get multiple invoices.

Another struggle is when you need some custom solution on a particular invoice. For instance, you need to provide or hide some of the information on your invoice. Etsy restricts these options, so custom invoices are unavailable there.

Fortunately, there is a way to get it all – combine efficiency and functionality, by using a software solution. Multiorders software offers you a faster way to get Etsy invoices, print them in bulk or even create a custom invoice. There are two ways – try to do it on Etsy or make it faster with the software.

What are the benefits by generating Etsy invoices through software?

Less manual work. Certainly filling in a template is a task that every merchant wants to get rid of. Doing it manually requires not only more time, but also concentration. Without focus, you can make many mistakes, which will be a burden to you and your customer.

More free time. Using software to generate invoices will definitely cut your time costs. This could be a massive help if you are used to creating invoices manually. Also, you can print invoices in bulk, which saves you even more time. Therefore, you should use Multiorders to generate your Etsy invoices.

Custom invoice. Multiorders allows you to create a custom invoice. That means, you can choose what kind of information to provide or hide in your invoice. Also, you choose a custom invoice layout that fits all your requirements. In the “settings” section choose the preferred template and print your invoices.


Easy Way to Generate and Send Etsy Invoice

If you find generating and sending invoices confusing, worry no more. With Multiorders you can do this in a few seconds!

Multiorders is an order management platform, where you can connect multiple sales channels and shipping carriers. This helps manage everything from one place. Multiorders offer plenty of different features, which you could use. One of them is generating and sending an Etsy invoice. All you have to do is:Log in to MultiordersMake sure you are in the Orders sectionSelect one or multiple ordersThe software will send it to your customer! Also, if you need to download an invoice, you can do it here as well. You can print or download invoices for both new and already shipped orders. If you want to do it in bulk, simply select multiple orders and print all their invoices at once.[/vc_guide_line]

What are the other advantages of working with the software?

Despite the fact that Multiorders gives you a straightforward solution to get an Etsy invoice, it also offers plenty of other advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits that you will get right after signing up.

Easy way to use different sales channels

Multiorders allows you to connect and manage different stores in a single place. If you are selling not only on Etsy but also have Amazon, eBay or any other store, you can manage them all in Multiorders. Also, you can connect multiple different accounts from the same marketplace. For example, if you have more than one Etsy account, connect them all in Multiorders! This feature unlocks other benefits, such as inventory merging, automated shipping, analytics, etc.


Inventory updates

In Multiorders system, you can also modify your inventory. To save your time, you can change items’ price and quantities straight from the Multiorders system. If you are selling the same inventory in different stores, you don’t need to make the same updates in each one of them. Do it once in Multiorders, and the system will automatically update it everywhere. Also, Multiorders eliminates all manual stock updating. Once you sell an item, the stock is automatically updated in all connected sales channels.


Shipping solution

Despite all the inventory management benefits that Multiorders provides, it also offers you a shipping solution. The software integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers and allows you to fulfil your orders within a few mouse clicks. It saves you a lot of time by syncing all order details into the system, so you don’t need to copy anything to your shipping carrier. Also, it has a bulk shipping feature, that allows you to select all the required orders and ship them all at once.


Fast way to get all the documentation

With our software, you can email all the necessary documents directly to your customers or print them out. These documents include returns forms, delivery notes and picking lists. Most importantly, you can also print shipping labels. Having quick access to all these documents is not only a handy tool, but it also helps you save your time.


Business analytics

Multiorders give you real-time reports about each of your stores. In a single dashboard, you can see your top customers, top items and more. Reports help you forecast future demand, as well as compare previous forecasts to actual results.

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