SOLUTION: Low Stock Alerts For Ebay Inventory 2019

SOLUTION Low Stock Alerts For Ebay Inventory 2019 Multiorders

An online seller has 99 problems, but low stock ain’t one! Low stock alerts for eBay inventory and good inventory management software helps merchants manage business without worry.

Low Stock Alerts for eBay Inventory

Why Do You Need Low Stock Alerts For eBay Inventory?

  • Reduce manual tasks. Controlling your inventory manually can become hectic, especially if you have more than one online shop. Not only is it a time-consuming task, but also manual work often goes hand in hand with some accidental mistakes. Therefore, in order to make sure your business is efficient, you need to use inventory management software, where you can find useful features like “stock level” alerts.
  • Avoid overselling. How many times has there been a situation when someone makes an order and you don’t have anything left in a warehouse? Overselling is truly not a picnic in the park if you do not have any kind of solution planned. Therefore, “low stock” alerts are necessary for any e-commerce merchant to prevent these situations from happening.

Why Multiorders?

Multiorders is an inventory management platform, where you can connect multiple sales channels and shipping carriers. You can choose from the best ones on the market today! For example, concerning sales channels you can select not only eBay, but also Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace and many more without additional cost.

It is perfect if you have many accounts on different online shopping platforms. Although, do not be discouraged if you only have one! There are many features that will be useful.

Low Stock Alerts for eBay Inventory

Furthermore, there are plenty of shipping carrier options as well. Those include DPD UK, USPS, UPS, FedEx UK and many more. This will let you reduce shipping costs by allowing the possibility to choose between the carriers! Note, that if you use USPS as your shipping carrier, with Multiorders you can get 48% discount on your shipping price.

Best Way To Integrate Low Stock Alerts for eBay Inventory?

In addition, Multiorders is perfect for inventory management. Our software offers many features that help e-commerce merchants. As you can manage all your orders and inventory from one dashboard, it opens some opportunities to reduce time wasted.

One such opportunity is setting low stock alerts, because then you don’t have to keep track of your stock as closely. All you have to do is set the critical amount and Multiorders will notify you when the item number gets to an alarming quantity . It is perfect if you do not want to overlook the right time to restock.

Low Stock Alerts for eBay Inventory

Moreover, our software offers easy purchase order creation. Multiorders will automatically fill out all the necessary information. All you have to do is send the purchase order to your supplier. After you receive the items, all you have to do is click “receive order”. This will automatically update your stock levels in the Multiorders dashboard. Also, your inventory will be pushed into the relevant stores.

Hence, as an e-commerce seller you have to check out Multiorders and features that we offer. It will save you time on managing your inventory. When you use Multiorders, you will get plenty of opportunities to focus on your venture and sell without worry!