GUIDE: How To Generate And Send Invoices For Ebay?

GUIDE How To Generate And Send Invoices For Ebay Multiorders

Invoice creation is an inseparable business process. It is a commercial document issued by the eBay merchant to a buyer. It should help you solve any arising issues as it includes the quantity of products, the due date for payment and agreed prices. Besides, it is normally given to the buyer after the product or service was provided, although not yet paid for. Be careful not to confuse an invoice with a sales receipt as it may lead to legal problems. The best way to avoid confusion is to automatically generate and send invoices for your eBay customers.

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Reasons for an eBay invoice

There are various situations where you should generate and send invoices for eBay purchases. For example, if a buyer purchases multiple products and you wish to merge the orders into one purchase. The second, the most common reason, may be that you want to kindly remind the buyer about the remaining due balance after winning the auction.

How to generate and send invoices for eBay

When you use Multiorders as your invoice generator software, you benefit from process automation. This software generates invoices automatically, therefore you can print those together with each outgoing item.

Moreover, with Multiorders software, there is no need to manually fill in the buyer information and products they purchased. Multiorders does that for you. In addition, you can tweak the settings to include whichever information you wish.

After you include all the necessary information, you can send the invoice. There are two ways to do it while using Multiorders software. The first one is to save the invoice as a PDF and then send it to the buyer. The other one, more convenient, is to send an invoice directly from Multiorders. Here is how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to the order that you need to send the invoice for. Click on it.Click On Order Screenshot Multiorders
  3. On the right side column, under Customer, you will see Email. When you click it, a drop-down menu opens. Select Invoice.Email Invoice Screenshot Multiorders

Once you select the invoice, an email will be sent. Then the email icon will change its colour to orange. If you click on it again, you will see that the icon next to invoice is now green. The colour scheme is here to help you understand if you have already performed an action.

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You can email the invoice from an order in any stage. It can be a new order or a shipped one. The steps are exactly the same.

Important tips for invoices

Although in countries around the world, the invoice traditions and requirements may differ, they all have several common sections. You should think of these sections as obligatory. It will help you avoid any issues related to invoices.

Moving on, when you generate and send invoices for eBay you should include the following information:

  • Details about the seller. This is the name, email, phone number, address and logo. Though the logo is optional in some countries.
  • Invoice statement. Your document must clearly state that it is an invoice. Simply, because you want the customer to know what it is from first glance.
  • Unique number. As you probably know, all invoices should be numbered. It doesn’t matter how you number them, but there must be a sequence. If you do not have one yet, make it, as it is required for your bookkeeping.
  • Buyers information. This includes the name of a customer and contact information. Having only a phone number or email is totally fine.
  • Product/service description. You must state what the person bought, the quantity and the date when this sale happened.
  • Total amount. Normally the total amount may be different as a seller can add taxes. Therefore you will need to put in a subtotal plus taxes and then the total. If you forget to do this, your buyer can legally refuse to cover your taxes.
  • Due date. We all know, that an invoice can reach us after the payment has already been made. However, we should still always include the due date for payment. It is best to give no more than 14 days as longer period may lead to delays.

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Multiorders invoice generator software

Multiorders focuses on improving and streamlining the e-commerce business processes. It helps you run your business more securely and profitably by automating various parts of it. Simply because you can generate and send invoices for eBay automatically allows you to spend more time and resources to perform external activities. Such as market research and promotional activities.

Through Multiorders user-friendly dashboard, you can reach the tools and features necessary to automate your business procedures. For instance, you can automatically generate other important documents, such as return forms, delivery notes, shipping labels and picking lists. Even more, you can automate multiple store stock updates and access all your sales data on one dashboard.