Inventory Management Software For Crafters

Inventory management software for crafters can be a game changer. Having full control of your items can help you navigate between your products and have a more efficient work routine. Therefore, a software solution can assist you by offering plenty of features to choose from.

Inventory management software for crafters

Use A Software For Inventory Management

The control of inventory is especially important for crafters. By implementing an inventory control system you will be able to better plan your manufacturing deadlines as well as avoid overselling.

Of course by not wasting the materials, you will also save money and by avoiding overselling you will prevent stressful situations. Therefore, Multiorders inventory management software can help you keep an eye on your items and save you some nerves.

Inventory management software for crafters

First of all, you can add multiple sales channels and shipping carriers. By doing that you will be able to see and manage all of your items in one dashboard. This is particularly useful, when you want to easily edit the items. With our software you can make instant updates of stock levels and prices. These changes will reflect in all of your sales channels.

The Best Inventory Management Software For Crafters

In order to prevent stressful situations as a crafter, with our software you are able to set low stock alerts. That way, you will be notified about the critical stock levels and could get down to work in time. By doing that, you will definitely save money.

You will be able to predict how much products you should make and don’t produce unnecessary items.

Moreover, inventory management can be even easier with the ability to merge and bundle products. If you sell the same item on multiple channels, you can easily merge it. By doing that updates on the information about the item’s stock will synchronize every channel.

Also, if you bundle products, Multiorders will withhold your bundle from selling if at least one of the products is out of stock. This is a great way to avoid overselling!

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