SOLUTION: DPD Shipping Management For Ebay Sellers 2019

SOLUTION DPD Shipping Management For eBay Sellers 2019 Multiorders

Shipping is a crucial task for every e-commerce seller. Therefore, DPD shipping management can help eBay sellers get rid of some time-draining tasks. Those include order fulfilment, label creation and overseeing of the entire process. The best solution to deal with these challenges is to have software that can revolutionise the way you take care of shipping management tasks.

DPD Shipping Management for ebay sellers

DPD Shipping Management for eBay Sellers

To tell you the truth, DPD is a good delivery service. It has a lot to offer for e-commerce sellers. First of all, you can be in control of your parcel. DPD has the option of tracking your deliveries.

Another great thing is that it gives your customer an option to choose the time and day when they want to receive their parcel. It will definitely make your customers happy by being an adjustable service.

DPD Shipping Management for ebay sellers

Despite of the benefits DPD provide, shipping management for eBay sellers does not only depend on the shipping carrier. The tasks that you do before dispatch also have their value. Not only when we talk about saving time, but also in the quality of your customer’s experience. Therefore, using software can be perfect for exactly that.

A way to simplify your business

Multiorders is a shipping management software, where you can connect multiple online shops and shipping carriers. These include not only eBay and DPD, but also others like Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, USPS, Parcelforce and many more. By doing this, you will be able to control all of your orders, inventory and shipments.

DPD Shipping Management for ebay sellers

You easily simplify shipping management tasks by using our software. It has plenty of features, that are crucial for complete order fulfilment. First of all, Multiorders is perfect if you want to use more than one shipping carrier.

Just pick an order, select the shipping carrier and print a label. That’s how easy this is!

Moreover, printing shipping labels can also be one of those tasks that can be out of your hair if you use Multiorders. With our software you can create, print and reprint shipping labels without worry. Also, you can choose from different label formats and write different details about the parcel like name, quantity and SKU.

Connect DPD UK and eBay

Connecting DPD UK and eBay is very easy with Multiorders. All you have to do to add eBay is go to integrations, select eBay and you will be redirected to the ebay webpage.

There, sign into your account and press “agree” on the page that loads. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to Multiorders. This will only take you a couple of minutes to set up!

Same goes for DPD UK integration. All you have to do is create a MyDPD UK (Red) account (if you don’t have one already) and request details for generating shipping labels. When you do that, go to Multiorders, select DPD UK in the integrations and enter the required details.

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