How to print eBay shipping labels?

SOLUTION How To Print A Shipping Label On Ebay Multiorders

Every business that sells physical products on eBay needs to print shipping labels. It’s the same for both large and small business owners. They all still need to print shipping labels if they want to ship an order. Therefore, whenever your business reaches high demand, it becomes hard to manage the shipping process. That is why, in this article you will find all the necessary information about shipping labels for your eBay orders.


Printing shipping labels on eBay

eBay has a feature that allows you to print eBay shipping labels for your orders directly on their platform. When you do it this way, you get discounted rates and can save money when compared to post office prices. If you want to print multiple copies, you can only do this for 24 hours.


The benefits of printing labels on eBay

First of all, you do not need to leave your house. Secondly, you can print a shipping label on normal paper and tape it to the parcel. Of course, you can also purchase the adhesive sheets and print shipping labels on them, though you may need a special shipping label printer for that.

Then, you can add an order number or any other custom text to your label. However, every time you need to perform this action manually. Additionally, when you print shipping labels at home, you can easily add the requirement for signature on delivery. The tracking information, in this case, is uploaded automatically.

You can print FedEx, USPS or UPS shipping labels from the “Sold” section in “My eBay”.


Disadvantages of printing labels on eBay

The most common disadvantage when you choose to print labels on eBay is the amount of time it takes. Printing labels on eBay is a very easy task until you have hundreds of orders. Suddenly, you realise that preparing items for shipping takes a lot of time and overhead rises significantly because of it. Therefore you should think about possible alternatives to it, such as shipping management software.

print shipping labels on ebay

Alternatives for printing eBay shipping labels

To easily print shipping labels at home or in the office, you should use Multiorders. This software allows you to print multiple copies of the same shipping label for any of your eBay orders. If any of the shipping details change before you dispatch your shipment, you can simply edit them and print the label again.

What is even better, together with shipping labels, you can print all the other necessary documents. These include invoices, returns forms, picklists and delivery notes.

Multiorders shipping management software can streamline your Ebay shipping label creation process. It enables you to choose which information to show on your shipping labels and print them in only a few clicks. This can lead to a more efficient shipping process and significantly reduce costs.


Benefits of using an alternative

With Multiorders you don’t need to print a label for each order separately. You can select multiple orders, choose Bulk Shipment, get your shipping labels ready to print and update the order status on eBay at the same time. What used to take a very long time, now only needs a few minutes.

If you want to have cluster-free shipping labels, you can adjust what information is displayed in the “Shipping” section of the app settings. For example, you can print a custom label with just the delivery and the return addresses.

Multiorders enables you to manage the shipping process from multiple stores on one dashboard. This means that you can print labels from multiple stores at once.

Moreover, you can choose from a large selection of carriers. They can ship your parcels anywhere around the world. Since Multiorders closely collaborates with all the major carriers, you will always be able to find the best price and service quality. All you need to do is connect your account form any shipping carrier you work with.

Additionally, when you start using Multiorders shipping management software you can easily print labels with USPS. As a bonus, Multiorders offers USPS Commercial Plus Pricing with all the plans. There are no restrictions or hidden conditions for this service.

Print labels Shipping management software Multiorders

Most importantly, Multiorders does not limit the number of carrier account integrations. It means that you can ship each parcel with a different carrier if this is what you want.

Since almost all shipping carriers require different formats of shipping labels, you can choose from multiple templates. When you ship your order, Multiorders will automatically update the order in your store with the necessary shipping information.

How to print eBay shipping labels?

Log in to your Multiorders account.Go to the Orders tab. There you will see the current list of new orders.Find the one you need to print the shipping label for and click Ship Order.
If you see that you need to ship more than one order to the same address you can merge them. At the top, next to Filter, you will see an orange notification. It should state the number of orders that can be merged. When you click on it, the merged orders will have a letter M next to them in the tag section.After you click Ship Order you will see a pop-up window. Here you will see various carrier options. It purely depends on which carriers you add to Multiorders. The option for manual shipment is always available. Find the courier you need and click on it.If you have set default packages, you can use them here. If not, fill in the required information manually. In a case where you use manual shipment, you will be able to add the courier and the tracking number. Click Create Label.Now you can click Print Label and be done. In this window, you can also choose to print other necessary documents, such as invoices, picking lists, returns forms and delivery notes.

How to reprint shipping label on eBay?

Lets say you have purchased a single label from eBay. Now you are wondering how to reprint that eBay label. Fortunately, you can do it easily. Just go to My eBay > Sold > Shipping labels. However, if more than 24 hours have passed, then you have lost your label. Though you can void the current shipping label, no refunds are available.

In this case, you must purchase a new eBay postage label in order to be able to reprint it. The process of buying and then failing to print or reprint eBay shipping labels can get really frustrating. Yet, it doesn’t have to be.


How to easily reprint shipping labels?

With Multiorders it is very easy to reprint your shipping labels. You can also do it as many times as you need. Just follow these steps below:Go to Shipped under the Orders tab.Find the order for which you want to reprint the shipping label. On the right side click Print. In the drop-down menu select Shipping Label.The shipping label will open in a new tab and you can reprint it. There are no additional costs to reprint eBay shipping labels. Also, there are no restrictions on how many times you can do it.


Why you might need to Reprint a Shipping Label

  • Accidents. A lot of unexpected things can happen while selling online. It is unavoidable. Such accidents as running out of ink in the middle of printing labels or simply ruining them can happen any day.
  • Mistakes. As there are no robots managing your store, human error is inevitable. Surely you have been in a situation where you printed the wrong label. Fix any mistakes by easily printing a new label!

Therefore, having the option to print new labels is crucial for your business in order to avoid unexpected events and human error!


How to create custom eBay labels?

Ebay sellers face a lot of challenges while trying to sell their items. Even label creation can become an obstacle. Especially if you want to customize your shipping labels. You need to find a good way to create a custom label template for the packages you send to your eBay customers.

The only correct answer in this situation is good shipping management software. It will either let you create a custom eBay label template or do it for you. It should also help you deal with every other task associated with order fulfillment. Therefore, you will be able to sell your products and ensure good customer experience without worry.


Easy Way To Create your own Custom eBay Label

Creating custom eBay labels is super easy with Multiorders. When you pick a shipping carrier for your order, you will be able to create a shipping label.

Our software offers many options for label formats. If none of the current templates fit your needs, we will design a new template, exactly to your specifications. You can contact our customer support and get a custom shipping label format made just for you.