How to manage shipping on eBay?

How To Manage Shipping On eBay Multiorders

Many eBay merchants don’t realize it, but shipping is just as much of a chance to pocket some profit as the product mark up. For some products, the competition drives down the price so low, that there’s no product markup at all. In those cases, you can only compete if you save on shipping. Therefore, eBay sellers who have superior shipping management options don’t just earn more but are also able to compete in overcrowded markets. So, how do we achieve this?

manage shipping on eBay


eBay shipping options

We assume you’re already buying your shipping labels online rather than the post office. This saves you around $1~2 on each package. However, we’re going one layer deeper than this.

The best eBay shipping option is to, well, have options. Carriers vary in many aspects. However, let’s not burden ourselves and just focus on the price differences. All while maintaining a satisfactory quality standard, of course.

Simply put, using more carriers means less shipping expenses. For example, if you’re shipping inside the US, a good option to pick up is USPS flat rate shipping.

Not only are the boxes free, which saves a dollar, but you can save an additional dollar or two on the shipping price itself. That is, compared to alternatives. You can go through a separate article detailing reasons for using USPS Flat rate shipping.


Managing multiple shipping options

Going through several shipping price tables and comparing prices for each order is certainly not very efficient. However, you can have many shipping options for eBay without adding labor onto yourself or your employees.

The answer is cloud-based shipping management software, like Multiorders. We put an emphasis on “cloud” here, because such software can link together with shipping carriers as well as your sales platforms, like eBay and is much cheaper than locally deployed solutions.

This means prices are fetched automatically from several shipping carriers for every order. Once you select a carrier, there will be shipping labels ready to hit your printer. Another important part to mention is that all tracking details will be automatically transferred from your shipping carrier to your store.

Also, if you’re shipping inside the US, you’ll be happy to know that all Multiorders users ship with USPS at Commercial Plus rates. This includes the aforementioned flat rate shipping. This reduces shipping prices even further.


Have it all – the best shipping rates and automation.

The system will:

  • instantly update order status
  • automatically add tracking numbers
  • print labels in seconds
  • automatically update stock levels


eBay bulk shipping management

eBay bulk shipping management is very simple on Multiorders. All you have to do is select the orders you want to ship and the option of “Bulk shipping” will appear at the top of the selection menu. Keep in mind that you should select only the orders that fit the same parameters.

This means sending the parcels in the same type of box, choosing one shipping carrier or even setting the same dispatch date. After doing that, Multiorders will generate labels for each of your parcels. This is truly an amazing way to save time rather than spend endless hours fulfilling the orders one by one.

Therefore, do not hesitate, sign up for a free trial and see the benefits for yourself! You can also book a time for a live demo. After you do that, a member of our team will demonstrate all the functionalities and help you with your questions.


How To Create a Custom eBay Label

Ebay sellers face a lot of challenges while trying to sell their items. As mentioned before, shipping related problems are usually the most common ones. Even label creation can become an obstacle. Especially if you want to create a custom eBay label.

One way to do it is with Multiorders software. When you pick a shipping carrier for your order, you will be able to create a shipping label in seconds.

Our software offers many options for label formats. Moreover, you can send a request and get a custom shipping label format made just for you.

For Your convenience, we offer many different shipping label templates, which you can find in the “Settings” section. That way you can choose the format which fits your courier’s and printer’s requirements. Also, if you cannot find the right option, you can always contact our Customer Support team and ask to create a custom label format for your orders from eBay or any other store. We will make your label’s size, layout and any additional information you may want on it, exactly to your specifications.

Whenever you decide to change your label format, just go straight to “Settings”, click on the “Shipping” tab and scroll down to select your new label format.

Moreover, Multiorders lets merchants print labels in bulk. This feature is perfect for those, who want to spend less time on creating shipping labels. You can also print the same label as many times as you want. It is great if you want to be ready for any sort of situation or problems that could arise in label printing.


Print Shipping Labels With Multiorders

Multiorders offers many shipping providers, such as DPD UK, USPS, FedEx, UPS and many more. As mentioned before, our users get USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. The best part – you don’t need a high monthly volume or even your own USPS account.

Printing shipping labels could not be easier and faster than with Multiorders:

  • Print shipping labels instantly after connecting your shipping carrier account
  • Save time by printing the labels in bulk
  • Create Shipping Presets to automatically fill in the required information
  • Custom label templates. You can choose from different shipping label formats and choose which fields to use for each label


Printing a label requires only a few steps when you log into Multiorders. If you haven’t already, create an account on Multiorders. The free trial activates automatically and you don’t need to provide any credit card details. After you’ve created an account, add at least one eBay store by following this guide. When you receive an order, follow the steps below.

1. Go to New under the Orders tab. There you will find all your new orders.

Create eBay Shipping Labels

2. Find the order you wish to ship. Click Ship Order.

Create eBay Shipping Labels

3. Select carrier. You may also choose to ship manually.

Create eBay Shipping Labels

4. Fill in the information required, check the rates and click Create Label. If you use the manual shipping option, you can also add tracking information. Otherwise, it is added automatically and your customer receives a notification.

Create eBay Shipping Labels

5. That is it. Your label is ready to print. In this window you can also print other required documents such as invoice, return form, picking list and delivery note.

manage shipping on eBay