How To Get USPS Commercial Plus Pricing For Free

How to get usps commercial plus pricing for free Multiorders

As soon as online sellers find a cheap way to fulfil their orders, everything gets easier. Online businesses that chose to ship their goods with USPS, already know about the benefits of working with them. Despite that, everyone is seeking some new advantages, especially when we are talking about shipping quotes. You have most likely heard of USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to ship your items with a trusted company. Although, it is essential to mention that on January 27th 2019, USPS merged two different categories – “Commercial Base” and “Commercial Plus Pricing”, creating one “Commercial pricing” discount level. This level is the biggest available discount on USPS pricing structure. All the requirements stay the same, only the name of it now is “Commercial Pricing”, instead of “Commercial Plus Pricing”. For your convenience, we offer a way to get USPS Commercial Pricing without any effort or commitment.

USPS Commercial Plus pricing


What is USPS Commercial Plus Pricing?

One of the oldest and best-known shipping carriers may offer you services with very competitive pricing. USPS Commercial Plus Pricing (now – USPS Commercial Pricing) provides highly discounted postage rates. In other words, cheap shipping quotes for high volume shippers. The thing is that usually, it takes entering into a Customer Commitment Agreement or meeting designated volume thresholds, to get it. Currently, you need to meet one of these quotas to be eligible for USPS Commercial pricing:

  • 5,000 pieces of First-Class Package Service/year
  • 50.000 pieces of Priority Mail/year
  • 5,000 pieces/year of Priority Mail Express


Your shipping rates usually depend on your shipping volume. Obviously, for sellers who are just starting or who sell expensive items and ship less orders, it is extremely difficult to meet these requirements. Even businesses who usually receive a large number of orders can have slower periods where sales die down. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these restrictions entirely and get USPS Commercial pricing rates right off the bat.


How to get USPS Commercial Pricing without volume thresholds?

The easiest way to get the best shipping rates is through third-party solutions. Shipping through Multiorders automatically gives you USPS Commercial Pricing. In addition to all other competitive advantages, you will gain through our service, there are no requirements for shipping volume. In other words, there are no restrictions for shipping at least 5,000 or 50,000 items. Multiorders provides all online sellers with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. As mentioned before, Multiorders integration with USPS also offers you more than the best shipping rates. It also automates your business:

Automated USPS shipping

Fulfilling all your orders with USPS Commercial rates only takes a few clicks! As soon as you receive an order, click on the USPS logo in carrier selection, and Multiorders will do the rest. It automatically syncs all the order’s information and shipping details. It means that there is no need to manually enter parcel measurements or customer details for every shipment.

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing

Tracking number updates

By saying that Multiorders will take care of all order fulfilment we also mean that it will update all shipping information. Once you ship an order, the system will update the status, send the tracking information to your store and trigger an update to your customer. That way, you won’t need to check and update any shipping information.

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing


Shipping label printing

Print USPS shipping labels in seconds! When you choose to ship your order with USPS, Multiorders will automatically prepare your shipping label. All the shipping details and order information will be synced automatically. Also, you can choose from various label designs, so it will perfectly fit your needs.

shipping label printing


All sales channels

Despite that you get USPS Commercial Pricing for all your orders, you can connect and manage different sales channels in a single place. In other words, Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. It saves you a lot of time by syncing all order details into the system so you don’t need to copy anything to your shipping carrier. Also, you can connect multiple different accounts from the same marketplace. For example, if you have more than one eBay account, connect them all in Multiorders!


Inventory management

Control different sales channels inventory in a single Multiorders dashboard. In other words, you can connect multiple marketplaces and control all inventory in one place. All changes, which you make in will instantly appear on each e-shop. It is a time-efficient way to modify stock levels, pricing, etc. To sum up, you can ship with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing and automate your order fulfilment with a single order management system.


Bulk shipping

Another great feature that you can use through Multiorders software is the bulk shipping option. Forget about entering the same package details over and over again. With Multiorders you can go to your Orders tab, select all the required orders, and ship them all at once. This will save you multiple hours every week, especially if you mostly use the same size packaging for your orders.


Order merging

There is one more feature that is extremely beneficial to any seller – order merging. This one allows you to combine orders that have the same shipping address. When a customer places multiple orders in your store, you can merge them together and treat them like they are a single order. This way you will be able to save both time and money. Simply because you can send one package which only needs one shipping label, thus saving both you and your customer money on shipping. Then you can please your customers with a shipping discount and gain more of their trust and credence.

order merging