How To Change Shopify Store Address

How To Change Shopify Store Address Multiorders

Business is good, you want to move to a bigger store or you are switching your main store to a different location or for any number of other reasons a shopkeeper may want to switch the store address. Whatever the reason may be, it is important for the store owner to update the store address on his website to help divert customers to the new location. It’s a quick process to change the Shopify store address.


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Shopify store address

To change the Shopify store address, you have to change the address in two places. First, you have to change the address under “General settings”, and also you have to change the address under “Shipping settings”.


  • First, navigate to Settings from your Shopify admin page.


  • Then, find the Store address section and fill in the new address for your store.


  • Next type the name you use for your store for accounting purposes under the Legal name of the business.


  • Then enter the phone number at the new store location as well.


  • Enter the street name for the store also.


  • Then enter the city and ZIP/Postal code in respective fields as well.


  • Next, choose your country from the drop-down box.


  • Check the fields and make sure they are correct.


  • Finally, save your changes.


Shipping from address


Now the address of your store is updated on your website. After this, it is necessary to change your “Shipping from” address as well if you’re offering shipping services to your customers. Changing this address is necessary as it lets your customers know where the product is being shipped from, and more importantly, you also need to change Shopify store address under “Shipping” to let your carriers effectively calculate the shipping costs to any location.


To change your “Shipping from” address, you can find the link to it at the Store address section. Follow the Shipping settings link. Under the “Shipping origin” section, click on “Edit address”. A small window will open with a form to enter your shipping origin address. Fill in the details and make sure to Save.