Best Way To Check Ebay Stock History

Best Way To Check Ebay Stock History Multiorders

The essential purpose of an eBay business is profit. To be profitable, you must sell products. However, when your inventory climbs into hundreds of items, you’ll realise that just selling is not enough. You also must keep track of your inventory and pay attention to the eBay product history. Therefore, for more efficiency, you need to find the best way to check eBay stock history.

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As a result, you will know what, how many and how often you sell. You will be able to find out the duration it takes to sell a certain amount of items. This will enable you to act in time to prevent running out of stock.

You can do this easily on eBay by clicking on each item or checking the Sold tab. However, it may become confusing when you have to navigate through quite a lot of different items. To make it easier, you should use third party software. Especially if you have more than one eBay store.

The best way to check eBay stock history

There is this excellent stock management software Multiorders. It allows you to keep track of your stock history and easily adjust your strategy. The best way to check eBay stock history is to go to the Inventory tab → find the needed product → click on it. In this window, you will see full information about the item, including the stock log.

With Multiorders stock management software you can stay ahead of your competitors and create better sales opportunities.

In the stock log, also known as stock history, you will see all the events of this item since the product was created. All the history will be logged and easily accessible at any time. To help you understand the numbers, each event has a name. For example, you might see events like Product Creation or Product Quantity Decreased.

Whenever you restock and update your stock levels, you will see it in the stock log. If you decided to use this item in a bundle, it would show up in the record. You will see every single event that happened to this item.

Consequently, you will be able to follow the trends and better analyse your inventory turnover rate. If you wish to find out more information about general product trends, you can go to the Reports section. There are all the necessary insights for your eBay business to grow and become even more successful. Though if that is not enough, you can request a custom report.

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The best stock management software

Moreover, with Multiorders software you can do so much more than following the stock log. Multiorders automates your shipping process by automatically performing day-to-day tasks such as updating sales channels with tracking numbers. It also has shipping presets which reduce your manual labour significantly and save your valuable time.

Furthermore, when you use shipping presets you can print shipping labels in only two clicks. Or even print shipping labels in bulk! The information on shipping labels can be set according to your requirements. As a result, you have full control of your shipping process and document formats.

Lastly, with Multiorders stock management software you can stay ahead of your competitors and create better sales opportunities.