Shopify Amazon Fulfillment, FBA And Shopify Integration

SOLUTION Amazon FBA And Shopify Integration 2019 Multiorders

Shopify is an e-commerce platform hosting thousands of online stores. It has built-in features to help merchants focus on what they sell instead of programming. The net worth of Shopify reached $22.43 billion in 2019. Imagine what you can do when you make use of the Amazon FBA and Shopify integration to combine the audience of these two e-commerce giants.


On the other hand, Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace operating in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Hundreds of worldwide manufacturing and trading companies are already selling their products to Amazon customers around the globe. Trading on Amazon can generate tangible sales for you, and for many businesses, it becomes the main sales channel.

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Fulfillment By Amazon

Amazon FBA means Fulfilment By Amazon. This allows you to store your products in Amazon’s warehouse and use their fulfillment services. Amazon applies the highest standards to customer satisfaction and fast shipment. Therefore by using Amazon FBA services, you can significantly increase your customer satisfaction rate. Obviously, it will also affect your customer retention as happier customers are more likely to return.

An important thing to note is if you use Amazon FBA for an item, then you can’t stock this product anywhere else. Though it is more of an advantage than a drawback as you save a lot of time and energy.

Amazon FBA and Shopify integration

You can use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders from your Shopify integration in Multiorders software. Our software will allow you to handle everything from a single dashboard.

Amazon FBA and Shopify integration can merge the received orders and synchronize your stock. You can choose to either fulfill the order yourself or use your FBA stock. In this case, the service is called multichannel fulfillment or MCF for short. It basically works exactly the same as FBA, but for other sales channels.

If there is an unhappy customer from Amazon, they will deal with the issue for you as they provide customer service on the products you sell. On the other hand, if the unhappy customer comes from Shopify, you will need to resolve the issue yourself. The good news is that with Multiorders you can use Amazon MCF and Amazon would fulfill and ship your Shopify orders. They will also provide customer support for the orders you complete through Amazon MCF.

When you create Amazon FBA and Shopify integration with Multiorders, you will quickly see the benefits that it brings. We are certain that after you experience process automation, you won’t want to go back to the manual labour.

Multiorders order management software

The best order management software Multiorders will support your Amazon FBA and Shopify integration. It allows you to merge products with the same SKU and automates your inventory updates.

With Multiorders it is incredibly easy to print the necessary documents. Afterward, you can include them in your shipments or pass on to accounting. These documents include shipping labels, invoices, return forms, delivery notes and packing slips. Each one of them can be further adjusted according to your own needs. You just need to select the required fields in the settings. Then, whenever you print a document, Multiorders will automatically generate information about your company.

Order Management Software Multiorders

Even more, you can import and export orders whenever you want in a CSV file. This may be useful when you want to complete the analysis of sales. Though Multiorders provides multiple custom reports based on your sales and inventory.

When you create the Amazon FBA and Shopify integration with Multiorders, you will quickly see the benefits it brings. You might not be completely comfortable with the fact that you need this software. We offer a free trial period just for that. We are certain that after you experience process automation, you won’t want to go back to the manual labour.