SOLVED: Ebay Inventory Management App

SOLVED eBay Inventory Management App Multiorders

There’s one thing you need before you look for the best eBay inventory management app. You must be clear on the whole process. Inventory management is an extensive area of business. Therefore it requires careful evaluation.

First of all, inventory management consists of the products you order, storage and fulfillment. Everything from raw materials to warehousing is under inventory management.

It is an integrated business process. Whenever your business expands, it may become hard to balance all the risks and track all the products. As a result, inventory shortages may occur.

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eBay inventory management app

A large amount of eBay business owners start solely on eBay. However, later they recognise the benefits of having several stores and start expanding. No matter how big your business is, you must manage inventory correctly to stay ahead in the game. In this article, we will discuss the major points which the best eBay inventory management app should satisfy.

Multiorders automates various processes and saves you plenty of manual work.

Automated inventory updates

Whenever you start using Multiorders eBay inventory management app, it will ensure that your stock levels are always correct. It works across all of your sales channels. This means that your inventory will remain accurate across your business. Whether you decide to open a new eBay store, create a website or sell over the phone.

For example, whenever a customer buys a product, Multiorders will automatically update all of your sales channels in near real-time. It works the same even if you have ten or more eBay stores. Also if you use different marketplaces and websites, it will still work accurately.

To go the extra mile, Multiorders also offers you the ability to set reorder points. They are alerts about low stock. Whenever a product reaches the level you set, the system will let you know. Consequently, you can create a purchase order on time and never oversell again.

Besides, accurate stock can significantly increase your seller rating on eBay and overall customer experience.

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Fast order fulfilment

With Multiorders you can fulfil your orders in seconds. Not to mention automatic document generation (invoices, shipping labels, return forms, etc.). Multiorders also provides you with shipping carrier integrations (FedEx, USPS, DPD and many more). When you add up all these parts, order fulfilment will be significantly quicker.

Even more, Multiorders will automatically let your clients know about their order status. Speedy fulfilment leads to more five-star reviews. Theose lead to increased eBay seller rates. The faster your order fulfilment – the happier your customers.

Reducing admin time

With Multiorders you can instantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. The software will bring all of your stores to one centralised dashboard. It shows order, inventory, shipping and analytical information.

Multiorders automates various processes and saves you plenty of manual work. Therefore, you and your staff can focus on growing your business.