SOLUTION: Etsy Fulfillment By Amazon

SOLUTION Etsy Fulfillment By Amazon Multiorders

Whether you are working from the office or your house, shipping can be a complicated task to manage. Therefore, Etsy fulfillment by Amazon can be a great solution for every Etsy seller. Not only will you be able to forget shipping management struggles, but also improve your business with the time you saved by using Amazon fulfillment services.

Etsy fulfilment by Amazon

Etsy fulfillment by Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF (Amazon multi-channel fulfillment) is a great service for those who don’t have a warehouse or simply the time to deal with shipping tasks. All you have to do is ship your goods to Amazon and let them take care of the rest.

Amazon will pick, pack your items and deliver them to the customer. Moreover, it will provide customer service for these orders. Due to the fact that it handles these orders, Amazon also offers the opportunity to take back the returned items. Upon your wish, it will either store them or send back to you.

It is truly a great option for your Etsy store. You will not need to worry about the burden of shipping tasks and focus on other sides of business.

Faster Etsy Order Fulfilment

If you are at a point in your venture, where you desire to spend less time doing administrative tasks and tracking every detail of your Etsy store – Multiorders shipping management software is the perfect solution.

With Multiorders you can add multiple stores and use different shipping carriers to control your shipping and orders in one place. You can use Amazon fulfillment services for any stores you have. It can be multiple Etsy stores or even different e-commerce shops!

Etsy fulfilment by Amazon

Moreover, Multiorders updates your sales channels automatically by providing information about the levels of stock and tracking shipped goods. This will not only make your business more efficient but will also let you expand it more easily in the future!