Multichannel Amazon & Ebay Inventory Management

Multichannel Amazon & Ebay Inventory Management Multiordders

Those who have shops on Amazon and eBay will know the stress of managing multiple shops. It raises difficulties in all the possible sectors. Inventory management is one of the hardest ones to manage. Therefore, multichannel Amazon and eBay inventory management software is a must.

Multichannel Amazon & eBay Inventory Management

Best Multichannel Amazon & eBay Inventory Management Software

Multiorders is a multichannel Amazon and eBay inventory management software. With the software, you can connect all your sales channels and shipping carriers. This will let you manage everything from one space and save a lot of your time!

You can not only add multiple Amazon and eBay accounts but also choose from the variety of other marketplaces or shopping carts. Additional integrations include Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more. Our software offers unlimited integrations with no additional cost! It is a great way to supervise your e-commerce sales channels. Especially, when we talk about inventory management, Multiorders has a lot to offer.

What Do Multiorders Have To Offer?

With our inventory management software, you will have the ability to receive instant updates for any changes in your stock. In other words, Multiorders tracks your stock levels and notifies your sales channels if items go out of stock. This feature will help you keep an eye on your orders without worries.

In addition, our software provides options to merge and bundle products easily. If you ever thought about boosting your sales and cutting the time costs it is a great opportunity for exactly that.

Multichannel Amazon & eBay Inventory Management

With product merging, you will be able to connect the same item you sell throughout all your online shops. Whenever the stock for a merged item changes or runs out, Multiorders will automatically update all your sales channels.

Moreover, product bundling is useful in order to connect items you want in one bundle and sell them together. When at least one of the items goes out of stock, Multiorders will make sure to withhold the option of selling the bundle.

In addition, these features are not the end! Multiorders has plenty of options to make your business more efficient.

This includes supplier management, purchase orders, and many others. With our software, you can forget the burden of contacting suppliers one by one. Now, connect your suppliers to Multiorders and order inventory with just a few clicks! Furthermore, do not worry about filling in the purchase orders as well. Multiorders has that covered! Our software automatically fills in the required information. All you have to do is send it to your supplier!

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