Multiorders - shipping software for ecommerce (₤25 / month)

Why should you ship your orders through Multiorders?

Sales channels and shipping carriers

Multiorders takes pride of being not only a shipping management software, but it also integrates with all of the most popular e-commerce channels.

Warehouse inventory management software

While integrating shipping and sales channels into a single platform, Multiorders software is capable of offering a warehouse inventory management solution as well.

Shipment tracking

Multiorders automatically adds a shipment tracking number to your store as soon as your shipping carrier provides one.

Print shipping labels

It only takes a few seconds to print shipping labels. Simply choose the preferred template from various options, click print and you’re good to go!

Shipping details

When you use our software for your ecommerce order fulfilment, all the necessary shipping details are transferred automatically.

Increase your efficiency

Save your time on time-draining tasks and let the software complete them for you. No possible human errors and time waste.

Software for ecommerce shipping and inventory management

Did you ever wish that your inventory management software could not only automate your stock or warehouse management, but also take care of most of your shipping management as well? Fortunately, Multiorders does it all.
Firstly, it allows you to connect multiple sales channels in a single platform. So, if you are selling on Shopify, eBay, Amazon or any other sales channels, you can simply control them all from the Multiorders dashboard. By saying control, what we have in mind is that most of the tasks will be completed automatically. For instance, if you fulfil an order through Multiorders, the system will automatically reduce stock levels in each one of your stores.

In this case, Multiorders can also be classified as a warehouse inventory management software. Besides automating your stock levels, it will also help you keep track of your warehouse situation. Multiorders has functionality that allows you to set reorder points and add multiple suppliers. It also provides you information about products that are low on stock and simplifies restocking.

As soon as you receive an order through Multiorders software, you can choose to fulfill it yourself or use your Amazon FBA stock and let Amazon take care of everything for you. By eliminating the need to always do everything yourself, this solution not only saves you time but also helps avoid human errors. There will be no more inaccurate stock levels, missed backorders and other common oversights. Automate your shipping with Multiorders software and enjoy improved ecommerce business right now!

Shipping software for ecommerce

The main purpose of using shipping software for ecommerce, is freedom of choice. There is a high possibility that shipping an item domestically might be way more beneficial with a specific company. However, you might want to choose a different company for your international shipments. For instance, if your goods are in London and you would like to ship them to Birmingham, you might like to ship it with Royal Mail. Meanwhile, if you ship an item from London to, for example – New York, you might want to choose DHL. In this case, choosing a specific company might help you in reducing shipping costs. This is where the benefits of using a shipping software for ecommerce start to show – you can easily choose the best shipping carrier to complete your orders.

Print shipping labels for WooCommerce

As mentioned before, Multiorders supports a variety of shipping carriers all over the world. No matter which country you live in, whether you sell locally or internationally, there is a solution for you. The freedom of choice isn’t actually the only benefit you gain by using Multiorders. Our software also makes it extremely easy to fulfill orders. Whenever you receive an order in your WooCommerce store, you’re only a few clicks away from being ready to ship it out. Multiorders will automatically fill out any necessary information. All you have to do is select an order and click ship. This also works for bulk shipping with select shipping carriers. When you pick which orders are ready to be dispatched and choose which shipping carrier you will send them with, confirm rates, click once to print labels and your WooCommerce orders are ready to be on their way to your customers.

Which companies can Multiorders users choose from?

As mentioned before, there are a lot of choices. All the shipping integrations can be split into two parts. All of the most popular shipping carriers in UK and USA.

FedEx UK
DPD Local
Interlink Express
Royal Mail

What are other benefits, besides a wide range of options?

Other benefits of Multiorders can be summarized quite simply – saving time. However, since the end result is the sum of many smaller parts, we’ll go over each benefit separately.

While you are thinking which shipping carrier to choose, Multiorders is automating your order fulfilment. In other words, despite whom you decided to ship your order with, Multiorders will automatically connect your order’s details with the shipping carrier request. Without any additional actions, all customer’s contact and shipment details are automatically transferred to the chosen company. In this case, you won’t have to worry about any miswritten information or endless copy-pasting.

Moreover, using Multiorders software helps in reducing your shipping costs. Despite the amount of shipments you do or your shipping experience, you can use the best shipping rates. For example, all Multiorders users get USPS Commercial Plus Pricing by default, without any hidden requirements. Usually, this option is possible only for those who have a high shipping volume with USPS. Multiorders, on the contrary, doesn’t care if you will ship only one parcel with USPS, you will still be allowed to use their best pricing.

If you are thinking about the differences of shipping companies that might interfere with your order fulfilment, such as printing different shipping labels, don’t worry – Multiorders has a solution. The software offers you many different shipping label templates that will coincide with different brands or even printers. By now Multiorders offers you a variety of different shipping label templates and even if you won’t find the right one, it is possible to create a custom solution. Also, you can choose whether to print shipping labels on separate sheets or add multiple to a single sheet and add additional savings this way.

Shipping logistics and tracking management software

You can easily call Multiorders the shipping logistics and tracking management software. Not only does it automatically connect sales channels with your chosen shipping carriers, but it takes care of shipment tracking as well. Once, you ship your orders through Multiorders software it will finish all the following sales steps.This includes filling out shipping details, reducing stock levels and informing your customer. As soon as the shipping carrier provides a tracking number, the system will automatically update it to the corresponding marketplace. For example, if you sell your item on Magento and ship it with UPS, when UPS shows the parcel’s tracking number it will automatically be added to your Magento store. This way, you don’t have to worry about checking your shipping company’s information or updating shipping details in your online store. Multiorders can cover it all for all users, despite which tier of membership they have chosen.

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