How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts Multiorders

Every online seller works for the sake of their business growth, but as soon as it starts to expand, they should know what they have to do next. For instance, when your Amazon store succeeds or you decide to sell different kinds of products, you might want to create a new account. Basically, there might be several different reasons why you decided to better understand how to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts.

In this article, we will go into more detail on how to legally create multiple Amazon accounts and what do you need in order to control them properly.

manage multiple Amazon seller accounts

How to create multiple Amazon accounts?


Once you create an Amazon account and read all their policies and regulations it might look like you cannot create another one. In other words, if you randomly create another account, Amazon will close both of your accounts permanently.


However, there is a solution to legally create multiple Amazon accounts. First and foremost, you need to get Amazon’s permission:


manage multiple Amazon Seller accounts



How to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts?



When you are allowed to create multiple Amazon accounts you will face another problem – management. Having two or three accounts usually means that you will have to deal with double or triple the amount of work. Unless you choose a shortcut to manage every step of your sales.


manage multiple amazon seller accounts


Multiorders is an inventory management software, which provides you with an option to connect multiple Amazon seller accounts. All you have to do is log in with each one of them. Once you do it, you will be able to control all of them in a single dashboard.


Multiorders Amazon US integration screen shot - amazon integration guide


This software optimises your work-flow by creating a consolidated system. As soon as you receive an order from any of your Amazon accounts, it will take only a few mouse clicks to fulfil it. Choose one of the most popular shipping carriers and get labels printed in seconds. Multiorders will automatically generate all the necessary information.


manage multiple amazon seller accounts


Also, you will see all the inventories of different sales channels in a single dashboard. Whenever you decide to make any changes of stock-levels or prices it will automatically update your Amazon store. This feature eliminates time-draining copy-pasting tasks.


Amazon Inventory Screenshot Multiorders

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