How To Find A Buyer’s Address On eBay

How To Find A Buyer's Address On eBay Multiorders

Each online seller seeks to sell more and ship items as fast as possible. Different e-commerce platforms always try to stay between you and your client. For this reason, online sellers find it hard to get the buyer’s address on eBay. There are certain circumstances that allow you to reach their contact details. To make it easier, we prepared a summary of the best ways to find a buyer’s address on eBay.

How To Find A Buyer's Address On eBay Multiorders

When can you see a buyer’s address on eBay?


One of the main rules on eBay is that you are unable to finish your sale outside of their marketplace. In other words, they are hiding both your and your buyer’s information, in order to prevent outside sales. This rule exists because otherwise eBay cannot protect you and guarantee the sale quality. It is the main reason why contact details are shown only after the transaction is completed. As soon as your customer pays, you will be able to see their address.


How to find a buyer’s address on eBay?


  • Email. As mentioned before, when your customer pays for the order, you will get their contact details. You should receive an email with their address. So, first of all, you should check your email.


  • PayPal. On the other hand, you can always log into PayPal and on the Transaction Details page, you will see your customer’s address. Keep in mind, that a customer’s shipping and billing addresses might not be the same. So if you didn’t receive an email it is more convenient to contact your customer.


  • My eBay. Another option is to go to the My eBay” page and click on the “Sell” section. Then, choose “Sold” and there you will find all your successfully transacted orders. Click on your last order and choose “View Order Details” where you will find your buyer’s address on eBay.