How To Change Currency Settings On Etsy

How To Change Currency Settings On Etsy Multiorders

Business owners in more than 65 countries worldwide currently sell on Etsy. Etsy ships to and deals with even more countries. With such a large market, it is inevitable that transactions in various currencies will take place. In order to make your life easier when dealing with customers from different countries all over the world, you can change currency settings for your Etsy store.


How To Change Currency Settings On Etsy Multiorders


How to change currency settings


Storefront currency settings


You can change currency settings for your storefront to display the price of your listings in the currency you prefer. One way to change the settings is from the Preferences section in the Account Settings. You can also change settings using the Region option at the bottom of the page. For a buyer who is trying to buy a product listed in another currency, Etsy displays the equivalent conversion based on current values. However, it is important to note that Etsy adds a 2.5% conversion charge. This is in addition to the current market value of the currency.


When you’re browsing through an Etsy store on your smartphone, the currency is automatically converted based on the region selected on your device. To change currency settings, you have to change the region settings of your smartphone.


Payment cards currency settings


Etsy allows their customers to browse through the stores in 23 different currencies. However, if you wish to pay with a credit/debit card, Etsy accepts only 10 types of currency. If you are browsing in one of the 13 currencies that Etsy doesn’t support, then you are asked to pay in the currency that the products were originally listed in. Additionally, some card providers charge an extra conversion fee that depends on the currency type, amount and other factors. I recommend checking with your card provider about their policy and rates.


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