GUIDE: How To Export Etsy Listings?

GUIDE How To Export Etsy Listings Multiorders

Etsy has provided an easy way to export Etsy listings. However, it has certain limitations and can be less convenient than you need it to be. You can export Etsy listings as a CSV file, but only with all of the listings included. Now, if you have only a few listings it is not a big deal. Though if you have hundreds or thousands of them and you only need to export a few items, it can become tricky.

Therefore you should use Multiorders inventory management software. This software offers plenty of choices to select and export Etsy listings. In this article, we will explain how to export Etsy listings and what you can achieve with them afterwards.

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How to export Etsy listings on Etsy

First of all, if you wish to export your Etsy inventory as a whole, you can do it straight from Etsy. Just go to your Shop Manager → Settings → Options. Then click on Download Data and there you can download all the inventory.

How to export Etsy listings on Multiorders

However, if you wish to select certain items or even filter them, then you should use Multiorders. Our inventory management software is very flexible about the export feature. We entirely understand the importance of inventory export and further use for it. Just follow the steps below and you will have the necessary information in no time.

  1. Log in to Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to Inventory.Go To Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Click on the button labeled Export.Export Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  4. Here you will be presented with three options. Export All, Export Selected and Export FIltered. Export all is self-explanatory, you will export all the inventory that you have on this dashboard. Before using the other two options you will need to complete preparation steps, otherwise nothing will happen. Export Selected – before choosing this option you need to select the listings you want exported. It can be one or several items, the quantity is not limited. When done, click Export Selected. Then we have the last option, Export Filtered. This means that you can filter the listings before exporting. You have plenty of filter choices. You can filter by SKU, supplier, category, reorder point and many more. Once you filter the inventory, click Export filtered.Export selected orders to a csv file


That is it. When you click one of the options, a CSV file will download with all the inventory details.

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Moreover, with Multiorders you can not only export Etsy listings. You can also import inventory. The process is the same, just click on the Import button next to Export. Upload the spreadsheet and all the inventory will be automatically updated. Just keep in mind, that the document must be in the exact same format as on Multiorders dashboard. For easier editing, you can download an example file.

Lastly, you can use the exported information to share with your other departments, for supply-demand analysis and to assess your general performance.

Enjoy the best inventory management software and fulfil all your business related needs. Multiorders can help you reach the sky if you allow yourself to fully use the software.

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