GUIDE: How To Create Invoice For Shopify Orders?

GUIDE How To Create Invoice For Shopify Orders Multiorders

It is nearly impossible to run a business without using invoices. It is an important mean to keep track of sales and record business transactions. Especially, when you run an e-commerce store. Generally, the format depends on who issues it and isn’t specific for each platform. For example, let’s take a look at how to create an invoice for Shopify orders.

Shopify integration logo for Multiorders shipping management software

Invoices are mainly used to establish an obligation of the buyer to pay. On the other hand, invoices can stand as a written agreement of the transaction between two parties. Without them, the bookkeeping can get complicated and hard to track as well.

As we all know, time is money and all e-commerce business owners start with profits in mind. Because of this, the invoice creation process should be as quick and painless as possible.

With Multiorders order management software it is as straightforward as it gets. You can create an invoice for your Shopify orders and print it as many times as you need. It also works the same way with any other marketplace you might add.

Create an invoice for Shopify orders in a few clicks

With Multiorders order management software sending and printing invoices has never been easier. Keep in mind that when you create a Multiorders account it is crucial to fill out your business information consistently and accurately.

The company details, location, contact information and other details should be valid. The system will use these details to automatically create the invoice for your Shopify orders.

In order to automatically generate an invoice for Shopify, just follow the steps below. You should only proceed after fully completing the settings. In the settings, it is important to choose what should be included in the invoice. Otherwise the system will include all the information about the transaction by default.

  1. Log in to Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to Orders.Go To Orders Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Click on Ship Order.Ship Shopify Order Screenshot Multiorders
  4. Select the shipping carrier and fill in the necessary details. Click on Create Label.Create Label Screenshot Multiorders
  5. In the next step, you will see an option to print the shipping label. There are also options underneath it to print other documents. Click on Invoice.Print Invoice Screenshot Multiorders
  6. A new window will open with the invoice. At the top right-hand corner click Print.Invoice Screenshot Multiorders

Finally, you can print any invoice for your Shopify store any number of times. If you need an invoice for a shipped order, you can find it by going to shipped orders and clicking on Print.