The Best Software Similar To Linnworks

The Best Software Similar To Linnworks Multiorders

Imagine a situation, where one day you woke up and the price of your inventory management software increased to a level where you definitely need to find some kind of alternative. Unfortunately, the day has come when finding software similar to Linnworks is the only reasonable option.

What happened?

On May 22nd, 2019, Linnworks announced their new pricing plans that increased from two to three times! However, new price changes will occur on August, so all their current users have three extra months to adapt to these changes or to find something similar.

Effectively, for the first time Linnworks will introduce SKU and order levels and if you exceed these levels you will need to move to a more expensive plan or pay a per order fee for any orders over the included amount.
Chris Dawson, Tamebay

What is the best software similar to Linnworks?

Obviously, the best solution right now would be to find software that is in no way inferior to Linnworks but has more reasonable pricing. That is why you should look through newer solutions that are both affordable and functional.

Namely, Multiorders takes care of inventory, shipping and order management in a cost-effective way. Additionally, Multiorders doesn’t limit as many variables as Linnworks. The only determining factor for your pricing plan is the order amount.

Similar features

  • Multichannel inventory control
  • Product merge/bundles
  • Unlimited sales channels
  • Auto-updated stock-levels
  • Low stock alerts
  • Automated shipment tracking
  • Amazon FBA
  • Dropshipping
  • Free trial

Are there any extra features that a Linnworks competitor might have?

Talking about the newer Linnworks alternative, it is obvious that price shouldn’t be the only leverage. Apparently, Multiorders has some other key points that need to be considered before making the final decision.

Similar to Linnworks but better

Multiorders features:

  • Product import/export
  • USPS Commercial PLUS rates
  • Amazon MCF
  • CSV order import/export
  • Order merge
  • Custom shipping label sizes
  • Unlimited SKU’s