Multiorders update 2.0

The time has come for another update. This time it’s a major one. We have completely reworked our inventory system in terms of layout and functionality. This will make using Multiorders even more intuitive and user friendly. Technical changes to the back-end logic have been made to significantly improve performance and prevent any possibility of issues related stock levels. We have also added significant quality-of-life improvements to make it even easier to navigate your inventory. The most noteworthy of these updates is inventory sorting. We have also added an integration for PrestaShop 1.7 as well as fixed some minor bugs in other parts of the software that are listed below.


These are the major feature additions for the current version:

  • Reworked inventory logic
  • Redesigned inventory layout
  • Added inventory sorting
  • Added PrestaShop 1.7



The complete list of bug fixes and minor tweaks:

Inventory management –

  • Configurable products can now be imported through .csv sheets
  • Consolidated price columns for Amazon FBA and FBM items
  • Improved low stock notification system


Shipping management –

  • Fixed an issue with USPS insurance not displaying properly
  • Fixed a minor UPS customer data issue
  • Fixed 4”x 6” shipping label with packing slip template
  • Improved bulk shipping performance
  • Added support for manual HS codes for UPS and DHL


Order management –

  • Fixed issue with Local order creation
  • Added ‘Company name’ field to ‘Orders’ table
  • Fixed picking list issue for items with no SKU
  • Fixed minor issue with order status updates
  • Fixed issue with discounts not displaying correctly
  • Fixed minor issue with unpaid eBay orders


General updates –

  • Adjusted order creation window to fit on smaller devices
  • Fixed a few minor issues with OpenCart 3.0
  • Made integration logo upload button clearer
  • Added new document templates upon customer request
  • Added ‘Days Remaining’ to dashboard for trial users
  • Updated Amazon US integration guide
  • Changed timezone selection to account for daylight savings