SOLVED: How To Manage Ebay And Etsy Inventory?

SOLVED How To Manage eBay And Etsy Inventory Multiorders

When you have e-commerce shops on two contrasting marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, you attract double the amount of customers. However, you also have to deal with more issues arising from how you manage eBay and Etsy inventory.

There is always this one question bothering you. How do I manage eBay and Etsy inventory more effectively and reduce costs?

It may be a huge headache to track everything and keep it up to date while not spending a fortune at the same time. Besides, you lose a whole lot of time which you could dedicate to growing your business.

eBay etsy inventory management multiorders

Manage eBay and Etsy inventory

In this case, Multiorders inventory management software is your saviour. Multiorders centralises your inventory management by giving you the ability to control everything from one dashboard.

It also updates each sales channel with adjusted stock levels when you make a sale in one of your stores. Moreover, you can view your stock levels and keep your inventory up to date at all times.

This is especially useful when managing product kits and bundles. For example, when you sell a product as a kit, Multiorders automatically deducts stock from each component.

SOLUTION How To Create Purchase Orders Multiorders

Purchase orders and restocking

Without a doubt, the more successful your business the more efficient your inventory management process. At least it should be that way. However, the majority of e-commerce businesses struggle to update stock and add the new arrivals.

Therefore, Multiorders has included the ability to create, send and receive purchase orders. This feature helps easily order more stock and then add it to your inventory and stores. You can do all this with only a few clicks!

Additionally, to manage eBay and Etsy inventory even more efficiently, you can set reorder points. This way you can always have your stock at optimal levels. Setting a reorder point allows you to leave enough of a buffer for new products to arrive.

It works the same way if you manufacture your goods yourself. Whenever an item reaches a certain point, you get a notification. The total is marked red and you can even choose to get notified via email.

Best Ecommerce Inventory Management Software 2019 Multiorders

Multiorders inventory management software

As a whole, Multiorders inventory management software consolidates products across sales channels which leads to easy product preparation and shipping. You can create custom shipping labels and adjust the information included in them.

Lastly, whenever you ship your products, Multiorders marks your products as shipped in the marketplace and automatically sends the tracking number to the customer.